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Retailers have come to rely on point of sale equipment (or POS equipment for short) for much more than ringing up a purchase from the barcode. Today's point-of-sale systems now tie into inventory – the system knows when inventory levels are low, and can order more. This makes inventory turn faster, yet keeps enough product on the shelves to satisfy consumer demand. This makes modern point of sale systems very desirable for retail establishments.

Crest Capital helps by providing point of sale equipment financing to retailers nationwide. We can help you take advantage of the extreme benefits that POS systems provide by financing a point of sale system(s) for you. With a very simple application process and a fast approval, we can have your point of sale equipment financing in place almost immediately.

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Cash Register Financing
Cash registers have become the "brains" of a retail and convenience store operation. That's because they track your daily sales, your inventory, and also help you manage day-to-day operations. Today's expensive point of sale equipment often incorporates touch-screen technology and other state-of-the- art electronics, making it necessary to finance cash registers for your business.
Money-Currency Counter Finance
Currency counters save busy retail and convenience stores time because they eliminate human errors, increase accuracy, and boost staff productivity. Since they use state-of-the-art technology, they tend to be expensive. Therefore financing currency counters is a necessity for many retail and convenience stores.
POS Software Financing
POS (point of sale) software can incorporate barcode scanning, credit card swipes, cash drawers, and inventory scanning. Because these aspects are tied together, point of sale software makes it easy to manage your retail and convenience store operation. However, this software is often costly, so financing POS software is usually necessary.
Credit Card Terminal Financing
It's nearly a "cashless world" nowadays, and that's why credit card terminals play such an important part in your retail or convenience store operations. These machines have become more sophisticated over the years, and they can be expensive. So many store owners prefer to look into credit card terminal financing.

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