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Digital print presses are a valuable commodity to have, offering such feature as being able to print on demand and one-to-one marketing capabilities. As technology increases, so do the number of features available. And with more complex technology comes a higher price tag, despite the ease of use. Fortunately, high costs are a thing of the past with Crest Capital's digital print press financing and printing equipment leasing programs.

Leasing printing press equipment is as easy as printing a color copy due to Crest Capital's nearly twenty years of experience. We can offer low interest digital printing press financing because we've been leasing printing equipment since day one. Our digital printing press financing application is just one page long, and makes financing digital printing presses a snap (we'll also get you an answer within hours). Contact Crest Capital to learn more about our printing press leasing options, and get started on the road to digital print press financing today.

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