Paper Trimming Machine Financing

Despite their name, a paper trimming machine will see use in many different industries, such as the graphic arts and industrial businesses (as well as the obvious need in the printing industry). Crest Capital understands your need to operate efficiently with proper cutting equipment, and your desire to spread out payments to make things easier on your operating budget. So we offer paper trimming machine financing (or simply called "trimmer financing") as part of our cutter leasing programs.

For nearly twenty years, we've helped many businesses finance paper trimming machines (as well as provide all other manner of printing equipment leasing), so we have the paper trimmer financing experience you need. We have a simple, one page paper trimming machine financing application and a creative leasing staff that will trim the waiting for approval time to a few hours. Remember; Crest Capital cuts away the hard parts and makes financing paper trimmers easy. Contact us today.

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