Guillotine Paper Cutter Financing

A guillotine paper cutter gives your printing and packaging business the ability to operate more quickly by allowing you to quickly cut reams of printed materials with precision accuracy. Crest Capital has years of experience in working with printing and packaging businesses, so we understand your printing and packaging equipment leasing needs. That's why for the past two decades, we've been offering exceptional guillotine paper cutter financing.

In fact, for almost twenty years now, Crest Capital has been financing guillotine paper cutters (along with other types of printing and packaging equipment leasing), so we've honed cutter leasing down to a science. We have a simple, one-page guillotine paper cutter financing application, and also have some of the best rates in the business. And our guillotine paper cutter financing approval time is fast too – we can cut down the normal waiting time much like your new cutter does to paper, and get you a "yes" within hours. Contact Crest Capital today to learn more about guillotine paper cutter financing.

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