Wood Shaper Financing

If you ever worked with a router table then you're familiar with the concept of a wood shaper. Both can cut profiles, but wood shapers are more heavy duty as opposed to the lighter work load of a router. As technology increases and your competitors start eyeing better equipment, you're going to appreciate your decision to have modern woodworking equipment. Since modern equipment tends to have high prices, our woodworking equipment leasing program is a great way to ensure wood shaper financing.

Crest Capital has been financing wood shapers for close to two decades. We understand the need for new wood shaper equipment and we are ready to help your business. We offer a simple one-page wood shaper financing application and can get you approved for within a few short hours (with great rates!) Contact Crest Capital to get the wood shaper financing (or any other woodworking equipment leasing) you need today.

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