Jointer/Planer Machine Financing

A planer/jointer machine (also known as a thickness planner – and in some circles the word "joiner" is also used, although we'd rather not enter that debate) solves the problems of having to deal with large numbers of wood with varying levels of thickness. These machines are useful, needed, and expensive. Crest Capital understands the need to have adequate equipment so we offer jointer/planer machine financing for your woodworking business (or, if you so prefer, joiner financing, planer financing, or jointer financing!!)

However, whichever term you prefer, it all falls under woodworking equipment leasing, and that's what we have two decades of experience in. Our streamlined one-page application, great rates, and fast approval time allows you to apply for jointer financing (or, as stated above, joiner financing / planer financing) from the convenience of your own home or office, and get an answer before lunch. Contact us today to learn more.

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