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Time was when embroidery was done exclusively by hand. But no longer – today, there are not only embroidery machines, but incredibly advanced embroidery machines, with multiple work stations, several heads, and touch-screen computer control. These embroidery machines can handle almost any size job – from t-shirts to blankets to larger scale banners and the like. Financing embroidery equipment is a definite must for companies engaged in the industry, so it's beneficial to be able to call on an equipment financing company that has experience financing embroidery machines and equipment.

Crest Capital has been financing embroidery equipment since our inception, and can offer you not only great finance terms, but our years of experience as well. We understand the advances embroidery machines have made, and are ready to help you with embroidery equipment financing that is tailored to your business. With an easy application, low rates, and a fast approval time, we can provide you embroidery equipment financing with zero hassle. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Embroidery Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Silkscreening Equipment Financing
One of the most popular types of printing is done with silk screen equipment. The ability to quickly create designs with stencils is highly prized by the graphic and printing industry. Because of costs, businesses wishing to free up some of their cash reserves look into financing silk screening equipment for their business.
Quilting Machinery Financing
The process of quilting has come a long way since the early days of the Crusades (where it began). While hand quilting remains a popular craft, the manufacturing and embroidery industries look toward quilting machines to create their wares. Since this manufacturing equipment is expensive, financing quilting machines is a smart financial move.
Textile Machinery Financing
Textile production has changed radically since ancient times. While the basic concept is the same (weave strands of thread together to made fabric) the speed and scale capable with modern textile machinery make the production vastly different. Since this manufacturing equipment costs a great deal, financing textile machinery is a good move.
Automatic Loom Equipment Financing
Automatic loom equipment speeds up the process of material creation. While the concept behind a loom hasn't changed since first use, the automated manufacturing equipment available today would simply amaze its early practitioners. With these advances comes a higher price, however, so automatic loom equipment financing from Crest Capital is a good way to afford your loom.
Graphic Press Financing
Graphics presses are a necessary piece of manufacturing equipment for any company wishing to create stamps, stickers, stationary or other related items for their company. Graphic presses tend to be very costly since they are so intricate in operation. Companies wishing to offset the high expense usually look into graphic press financing.
Embroidery Machine Financing
Embroidery machines speed up the process of manually creating a design on a piece of fabric. While the same overall methods have been in place since the olden days, modern manufacturing equipment has made the process far easier. That's why embroidery machine financing from Crest Capital is a smart move.
Sewing Machine Financing
Sewing machines have been around since the Industrial Revolution. These time-saving pieces of manufacturing equipment are valuable, because they greatly speed up the production of clothing and other cloth materials. Any industry that is involved with textile manufacturing and embroidery should consider sewing machine financing to offset their cost.
Screen Printing Equipment Financing
Screen printing is commonly used to print graphics on various materials – fabric, plastic, paper, or similar. The affordability of the materials used in screen printing makes it a very cost effective piece of manufacturing equipment. And financing screen printing equipment is a great path to ownership.

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