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Material handling equipment is a must for many different types of operations. For example, you can probably find a forklift in hundreds of different businesses, from a retail store to a warehouse to a corporation's storage complex. Items like specialty racks, conveyor belts, loading dock fixtures also make up material handling equipment. Financing this equipment is something most companies like to do, especially since it is usually not directly tied to producing revenue.

Crest Capital responds to this need by offering exceptional terms and programs for material handling equipment financing. We've been financing material handling equipment since our founding (almost two decades ago), and are well schooled on the nuances of this industry. We have great rates, a simple application, and a fast approval, so you can get the material handling equipment financing you need without any hassle.

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Containers Financing
In simple terms, containers allow for the transportation of freight (either boxed or loose). Varying in size, containers are essentially large metal boxes, and can even be large enough to contain cars and trucks. They can be costly, so companies needing to move freight should look into container financing from Crest Capital.
Conveyor Equipment Financing
Conveyor equipment refers to a long, free-standing "rack" that objects travel along (either by a motorized belt, or perhaps rollers). Conveyors are ideal for moving heavy and bulky materials. Conveyor equipment is a good investment in a business because it improves work flow and efficiency, and financing conveyer equipment is best way to get it.
Forklift Financing
Forklifts are very common, and are used to move all manner of containers and objects. In fact, almost any business that deals with goods usually needs a forklift (or three!) Because they are so useful (and pricey) financing forklift equipment is a smart way to improve your businesses cash flow.
Industrial Shelving Financing
Industrial shelving is used to store items and increase the storage capabilities of a location. Industrial shelves are durable and capable of storing very heavy items. Depending on the items the shelves will be storing and the models desired, the price can reach high levels. Due to the expense, financing industrial shelving is smart.
Pallet Jack Financing
A pallet jack (sometimes referred to as a pallet truck and/or a pump truck) is material handing equipment used to move and lift pallets of materials. In fact, you can think of it as a mini-forklift. Depending on the type of pallet jack wanted, pallet jack financing is usually desirable.
Platform Lift Financing
Think of a platform lift as a sort of movable elevator. It can lift a full load of equipment high into the air (usually to another floor). Platform lifts are a good investment but the cost can be prohibitive. Financing platform lifts is a good way to get your needed equipment.
Storage Silo Financing
Storage silos are used to store bulk materials such as grain, stone, cement, coal or even sawdust. Storage silos are good at storing material since the weight tends to be compacted and evenly distributed. If you need a storage silo, save yourself some trouble and look into financing storage silos with help from Crest Capital.
Waste Management < Recycling Equipment Financing
Waste Management < recycling equipment is a catchall term to refer to all the equipment used in the collection, transport, recycling and disposal of waste materials. Crest Capital realizes that the expense for this equipment can be overwhelming. Because of this, we offer financing waste management < recycling equipment.

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