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Sometimes, a company needs to dig deep – literally! For these applications, drilling rigs become a necessity. These machines come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, but they all have one thing in common: they make a hole – at times, a very, very deep hole. But they are also expensive, and quite specialized, meaning a drilling rig financing specialist should handle your drill rig leasing needs.

Crest Capital specializes in financing drilling rigs (leasing too). We have more than a quarter century of experience in leasing drilling rigs, for all sorts of industrial, exploratory, and construction needs. So whether it’s a few (or a few dozen) handheld augers or a large truck (or track) mounted drilling rig that will search for water, petroleum, or similar, we have you covered. Our quick application process and lightning fast approval time will allow you to get the drill rig financing you require, and keep you exploring deep within the earth. Contact Crest Capital today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Drilling Rig Financing  with Crest Capital
Used Drilling Rig Financing
Drilling rigs are large pieces of machinery that make digging deep easier. Used for mining, exploration, water wells, and more, drill rigs are essential. They are also expensive, making a strong market for pre-owned drill rigs. Financing and leasing used drill rigs thus becomes a must for most companies, as even used pieces can be a significant part of a yearly budget.
Blast Hole Drill Financing
Here comes the boom! As in, explosives detonated from a deep hole. And how did that deep hole get there? From a blast hole drill rig. These machines are used in mining, heavy construction, and even in building roadways / highways. But these machines have an explosive price tag, making new or used blast hole drill financing imperative.
Truck Mounted Drilling Rig Financing
Truck mounted drill rigs are very popular with many drilling companies. This is because they can be mounted on flatbed trucks (for larger drills), and even large pickups (for smaller drills). This gives them exceptional mobility, and can get that drill into the tightest of spaces. But they aren’t exactly “off the shelf” cheap, so truck mounted drill rig financing becomes important.
Rock Drills Financing
Rock drills come in all shapes and sizes. From your classic handheld jackhammer to large drill rigs, these tools enable mining, construction, and well-drilling to commence despite layers of hard rock (and we’re not talking AC/DC here) being in the way. But acquiring rock drills can be costly, which is why companies look for a financing partner experienced in new and used rock drill financing
Air Core Drill Rig Financing
Air core drilling is one of the preferred methods of exploratory drilling, because it's gentle on samples (as gentle as a drill can be). Utilizing three-bladed bits and a hollow tube that brings drilled material to the surface, it's particularly useful in boring looser material and substrate. But air core drills are expensive, making new and used air core drill rig financing important.
Down the Hole Drill Financing
Down the hole drill rigs (aka DTH drill rigs) are exceptional for deep drilling needs, because the hammer descends with the drill bit itself (hence, it goes "down the hole".) This means there's no loss of power as the force need not traverse the entire depth of the hole. But this type of specialty drill rig can also drill a hole in the budget, making down the hole drill rig financing important.
Geotechnical Drill Rig Financing
When a skyscraper, oil platform, or other large engineering project is built, knowing the makeup of the earth underneath goes a long way in making sure the structure above is on solid ground. That's where a Geotechnical drill comes in. But these are specialty pieces of equipment, and can get pricy, making geotechnical drill rig financing a necessity.
Seismic Drill Rig Financing
Seismic Drilling is often one of the first steps in any below ground exploration. The drilling paves the way for a seismic survey, which uses vibrations to make a "map" of the underground. Thus, geological formations can be analyzed, and useful materials (oil, gas, minerals) can be spotted. But this type of drill can be pricy, making new and used seismic drill rig financing very important.
Water Well Drill Financing
When a residence, business, or municipality needs to dig a well, a water well drill is what’s brought in. These machines can range in configurations from portable to truck mounted and even larger, but all of them have the same overall purpose – to drill into the earth for water. But these machines can also be pricey, leading to the need for new or used water well drill financing.
Mobile Drilling Rig Financing
The term “Mobile drilling rigs” can be used to describe several types of drill rigs (like truck mounted drill rigs), but for our purposes, we’ll stick with a self-propelled mobile drill rig. These massive machines drive under their own power, and bring the drill where it’s needed. These machines are also very expensive, making new or used mobile drill rig financing imperative.
Track Mounted Drill Rig Financing
Track mounted drill rigs are similar to mobile drilling rigs (the terms are often used interchangeably). In the case of track-mounted, they are almost always mounted on crawler type treads of varying length. This allows them to traverse to places where you can’t even walk. However, they are pricy, so new and used track mounted drill financing is important.
Cable Tool Water Well Drilling Rig Financing
Drilling rigs have all manner of configurations and uses. One of the more popular is a cable tool drill rig, which is typically used for water well drilling. These machines stand tall, and drill deep for residential water (the drill is used for other applications too, but water is the big one.) Cable tool drill rig financing is important, which is why water well drilling companies look for an experienced cable tool drill leasing partner.
Top Hammer Drill Financing
Top hammer drill rigs (also known as drifter drills) are essential for many types of rock drilling. The name "top hammer" comes from the fact that the "hammer" is located above-ground, putting pressure on the bit from further away. This makes them ideal for fast and shallow boring. It also makes them a specialized machine, meaning new and used top hammer drill rig financing is important.
Geothermal Drill Rig Financing
Geothermal drill rigs are specialty pieces of equipment largely used to drill for geothermal heating and cooling systems for residential homes and businesses. The drills are smaller in footprint, allowing workers to get very close to a building, but capable of going very deep, with additional shafts added for length. Geothermal drills can be costly, so new or used geothermal drill rig financing is a must.
Environmental Drill Rig Financing
When a company wants to get the lowdown on soil composition, especially in relation to environmental hazards and other possible issues, an environmental drilling rig comes onto play. These machines dig deep, and bring up soil samples for analysis. But they aren't exactly dirt cheap, which is why new and used environmental drill rig financing becomes very necessary.
Top Head Drill Rig Financing
Top head drill rigs are often utilized to dig wells. The drill is affixed with a top drive motor, which provides more torque to the drill string. This makes the machine more efficient, and also safer to operate, as it eliminates much of the manual labor. But these machines can apply some heavy torque to your cash flow too, making new and used top head drill rig financing an important service.

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