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Medical imaging equipment financing is a definite necessity to medical facilities nationwide. This is due to the extreme cost of these machines. From x-rays to MRI's to Cat Scan machines, medical imaging equipment is often some of the most expensive medical equipment available.

This equipment is also vital to a medical facility's or hospital's operation – having outdated equipment (or not having it at all) is simply not an option. This is why it's important to work with an equipment finance company that is experienced in financing medical imaging equipment. Meaning a company like Crest Capital.

Crest Capital has been financing medical imaging equipment for close to two decades, and we have the experience you are looking for. With our simple application, great rates, and "blink of an eye" approval process, we're ready to solve your medical imaging equipment financing dilemma.

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Check Your Eligibility for Medical Imaging Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
CT Scanner Financing
CT Scanners (also known as CAT Scan machines or CAT Scanners) are several advanced x-ray machines arranged in a circle. The patient goes inside the circle to allow the CT scanner to take multiple /images-catalog and form image slices. CT scanners are extremely expensive pieces of medical imaging equipment, which makes CT scanner financing necessary.
Endoscope Financing
An endoscope is prized for its ability to access the interior of the body. A flexible tube is used as a minimally invasive technique to take pictures, take biopsies of tissue, or even remove foreign objects. Since the expense tends to be fairly high, financing endoscopes is a smart move.
MRI Machine Financing
A MRI machine uses radio waves generated by a powerful magnet to provide /images-catalog of the interior of the body. Unlike a CT scanner, a MRI machine doesn't use radiation to view. Since a MRI machine is a very expensive piece of medical imaging equipment, financing MRI machines must be considered.
Radiology Equipment Financing
Radiology equipment is a catchall term for the different medical imaging equipment used in the medical industry. Examples of radiology equipment can refer to imaging equipment like: x-rays, ultrasounds, computed tomography, radio waves and magnetic fields. This equipment is always very expensive, so financing radiology equipment is a very smart move.
Sonogram Financing
Sonogram equipment uses sound waves to provide /images-catalog of the inside of an object (usually a person). Sonogram equipment is widely used during pregnancies, and for many ailments as well (as it's considered to be a safe, non invasive procedure.) As an expensive piece of medical imaging equipment, choosing to finance sonograms is smart.
Ultrasound Equipment Financing
Ultrasound equipment is a very useful to the medical industry. Ultrasound equipment uses sounds waves (much like sonar) to visualize the interior of a body. It's considered safe and widely used for pregnancies. As a costly piece of medical imaging equipment, organizations find that choosing to finance ultrasound equipment is best.
X-Ray Equipment Financing
An x-ray machine is a piece of medical imaging equipment that uses radiation to form a picture of the body's internal system. It's one of the most common and known pieces of medical imaging equipment. X-ray machines represent a significant and expensive investment, so financing x-ray machines is a smart choice.
X-Ray Film Processing Equipment Financing
X-ray Film processing equipment is similar to a photo developer. The X-ray machine takes the 'photo' but the X-ray film processing equipment prints the image. This piece of health and medical equipment doesn't come cheap, and anyone wishing to invest in this usually needs to look into financing x-ray film processing equipment.

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