Air and Vacuum System Financing

Compressed air and vacuum systems merge two traditional pieces of dental equipment (A vacuum system to remove water and other fluids from an operating area and a compressed air system to power dental equipment) into one small machine. However, a compressed air and vacuum system is a significant and costly investment. For many businesses, purchasing this dental equipment up-front just isn't financially desirable. As a result, there's a tremendous need for compressed air and vacuum systems financing, preferably with a company experienced in leasing health and medical equipment.

For close to twenty years, Crest Capital has been financing air and vacuum systems (along with many other types of dental equipment leasing). We have the industry experience you need when choosing to finance air and vacuum systems. We offer a compact, one-form application process, great rates, and can get your air and vacuum system financing application approved fast (usually within hours). Contact Crest Capital today to get started.

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