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Dental equipment financing is a specialty at Crest Capital. We're relied upon by dental offices nationwide to finance the dental equipment they need – from the latest in imagine equipment to new dental chairs to everything else.

A successful dental practice is more than the straight dental equipment, however. There is office furniture, specific software, imaging equipment (which can now be utilized while standing, and gives a picture of the entire mouth.) Even computer technology comes into play – many dentists now look at an x-ray image directly on a computer screen, and not a slide.

All of these advances mean a need for financing dental equipment is apparent. And Crest Capital has been doing just that for almost two decades. We have the experience and know-how to help you with dental equipment financing. Our great rates, simple application, and fast approval mean financing dental equipment will be completely painless (we promise!)

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Check Your Eligibility for Dental Equipment Financing  with Crest Capital
Air and Vacuum System Financing
Suction and power – that's how air and vacuum systems help make dental work easier. Not only do they keep the patient's mouth area clean from water and such (that's the suction part), they also power many dental tools. Because the cost can be a real financial burden, dentists wisely look into air and vacuum system financing.
Dental Chair Financing
While it's often the last place people would wish to sit, a dental chair is a vital part of any dental office. Its ability to recline deeply, adjust height, and support great weights make it a must-have. A dental chair also represents a significant business investment for any dentist office. Because of the expense, financing dental chairs is necessary.
Dental Table Financing
Dental Tables perform many of same functions as a dental chair. However a dental table is mainly used in veterinary dentistry to hold and allow easy access to animals. Veterinary dentists find the price of this dental equipment to be quite expensive so they often look towards financing dental tables.
Examining Room Equipment Financing
Furnished dental examining rooms are a necessary medical investment for any dentist office. Examining rooms contain all the tools of the trade - x-ray equipment, dental chairs, overhead lights, office furniture and even LCD screens for your patients. However it's so expensive to furnish that dentists have to look into financing examining room equipment.
Lights and Light Post Financing
Dentists need adequate illumination to check the health and well being of a patient's mouth. The adjustable lights safely illuminate the patient's mouth while freeing the dentist from becoming obstructed by a huge piece of dental equipment. However, these special lights don't come cheap, so financing lights and light posts just makes sense.

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