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Crest Capital finances agricultural equipment – it's as simple as that. Regardless of whether you find your specific equipment listed in one of our many categories or not, you can feel confident that if it's used in your business, we can finance it for you.

Agricultural equipment and tools are some of the oldest devices known to man. Some of the earliest tools were for agriculture, and technology has steadily made improvements to such. What used to be human powered alone became human and animal powered, and is now largely machine-powered (with human aide, of course.) The upside is this equipment makes agriculture much easier. The downside is the equipment is expensive.

But like we already mentioned, agricultural equipment financing is not an issue for Crest Capital. We're an equipment finance company that understands agriculture, and we understand the need for new equipment. We have a simple application process, and a fast approval time. This makes getting financing for agricultural equipment a snap.

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Dairy Machinery Financing
Dairy farms have increased in sophistication and output during the last century. Increased numbers of milk producing animals, as well as increased demand, means that the tasks that were once done manually are now done by (sometimes expensive) machines. Therefore, farms look into dairy machinery financing to get their expensive equipment.
Food Processing Equipment Financing
Food processing equipment takes raw ingredients and turns them into easier meals for humans or livestock. Food processing can range from packaging vegetables to creating feed for animals. Since they come in different models (depending on the job) they can be quite pricy. Due to the expense, food processing equipment financing is smart.
Irrigation Systems Financing

Irrigation systems have come a long way since the ancient canals of 6000 BC Egypt. The basic concept of irrigation hasn’t changed that much since (provide water and moisture to crops) but the control and capability certainly has changed. Since modern irrigation systems are a major investment, businesses typically choose to finance irrigation systems. More…

Milking Machine Financing
Although the concept of milking cows hasn't changed much, the tools and techniques have changed. Today's modern and automated farms used automated milking machine to speed up the milking process. This agricultural equipment isn't cheap, so farms will often look to finance milking machines.
Greenhouse Equipment Financing
Greenhouses are enclosed, climate-controlled areas where plants are grown. Greenhouse equipment comes in many varieties, and is a must for anyone wishing to grow plants during the non-growing season. This equipment is usually pricey, so greenhouse equipment financing is a smart move.

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