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Restaurant equipment can be as varied as a large menu. There are just so many options available. For example, a "cook at the table" Japanese restaurant will have vastly different equipment than a classic Italian eatery. And a family-style chain restaurant might have equipment that neither of the former would consider. So if you're looking to finance restaurant equipment, you need an equipment finance company that not only understands restaurant equipment financing, but also understands the different aspects of such.

That equipment finance company is Crest Capital. We have nearly two decades of experience in financing restaurant equipment, and we're well-versed with the restaurant industry. We offer exceptional rates, a simple no-hassle application, and the fastest approval times in the industry. This makes us a five-star choice when it comes to financing restaurant equipment. Contact us today to learn more about restaurant equipment financing.

**Please Note**
As of Jan 1, 2021 we only consider financing equipment for established restaurants with a minimum of five-years operating history.

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Bar Equipment Financing
Whether it's after a long day of work, a night out, or part of a trip to a restaurant, a bar is a very common getaway for many people. Regardless of the theme (sports bar, nightclub, restaurant bar, hotel bar, etc) it's important to have the best bar equipment available. Crest Capital can help you with low interest bar equipment financing.
Bakery Equipment Financing
There's just something about the smell (and look) of fresh baked cookies, pies and pastries. In fact, it's often the smell and presentation of baked goods that gets people buying. Since having the best bakery equipment is necessary to cook up these culinary confections, Crest Capital can help by providing low interest bakery equipment financing.
Cooking Grill Financing
In the restaurant world, when the chef fires up the grill, business has begun. When it comes to making a main course or working on the side dishes, having the best cooking grill is vital for putting together a top-notch meal. Crest Capital can help with your cooking grill financing needs.
Drink Dispenser Financing
When diners in your establishment want beverages, they want them fast. Whether it's a self-serve model or behind the bar, having a dependable drink dispenser is necessary for your establishment to meet your customer's needs. Since drink dispensers don't come cheap, Crest Capital provides a refreshing quench to your financial thirst by financing drink dispensers.
Food Warmer Financing
After having your cooks create a tasty meal, it's a crime to have it sit and get cold. Having a food warmer keeps food piping hot, while giving the serving staff sufficient time to serve their tables. Let Crest Capital get you your needed restaurant equipment with our food warmer financing program.
Fryer Financing
Deep fryers are capable of cooking certain foods very quickly. In addition to making quick meals, flash fryers give you a drop it and forget it ability with your cooking. Lower the food and the fryer reminds you to lift the basket and you're done. Let's get your restaurant cooking with our deep fryer financing plan.
Ice Machine Financing
Most drinks just taste better cold. A glass of room-temperature water or soda says "you don't care" (and isn't very refreshing either). Since unhappy customers don't return, it's important to make sure your drinks are ice cold at all times. Crest Capital can help with our ice machine financing program.
Refrigeration Equipment Financing
Refrigeration equipment is necessary to keep your ingredients fresh and free from spoilage, while also reducing waste from eating into your profits. Due to the high cost of purchasing refrigerators, it's best to get your needed restaurant equipment though established companies like Crest Capital, who are familiar with financing refrigeration equipment.
Restaurant Fixture Financing
A properly furnished work area is important for food preparation. Restaurant fixtures ensure that your staff will be able to create their specials quickly and easily. Due to the different types of restaurant fixtures, the cost can quickly expand (like bread in an oven) so financing restaurant fixtures is a must.
Restaurant Furniture Financing
When new customers are deciding where to eat, the way your restaurant looks can be the deciding factor. Restaurants with quality restaurant furniture simply announce a welcoming atmosphere, and project an image of success. However, don't let the high cost of buying such put you off, because Crest Capital can help you finance restaurant furniture.
Smoker Financing
Finding a way to get an outdoor taste in an indoor restaurant can be an interesting challenge. Finding a balance between outdoor flavor and the logistics of operating a restaurant can be done with a smoker (sometimes referred to as a smoker-cooker.) Financing smoker-cookers with Crest Capital will give your patrons that outdoor flavor they've been craving.
Walk-in Freezers Financing
Walk-In Freezers (sometimes referred to as walk-in coolers) keep items usable and fresh for a long time. Since profit margins are so thin in restaurants, the service of a walk-in freezer will ensure less waste and more cold hard profits. Due to the initial cost and installation, financing walk-in freezers is smart move.
Pizza Oven Financing
Many meals can only be made well with one type of equipment, and a pizza is no exception. Sure you could bake a pizza in any old oven but the taste, texture, and look just won't be the same. For this reason, financing pizza ovens is a great way to get great tasting pizzas.
Ice Cream Dispensing Machine Financing
When the warmer weather comes, there's nothing more satisfying (or profitable) than having an ice cream dispensing machine around. With the option to provide a wide variety of confectionary treats, it's important to have it well stocked. Financing ice cream dispensing machines through Crest Capital won't make your wallet freeze up.
Range Hood Financing
Where there's cooking, there's smoke. And in a restaurant, cooking goes on all evening. So it's necessary to have high quality range hoods to clear the air. Finding a high quality range hood, however, can be costly for any kitchen. So if you need range hood financing, Crest Capital can help.
Grinder / Slicer Equipment Financing
Grinder and slicer equipment are necessary for any restaurant wanting to present their food in an appetizing manner. Freshly sliced meat looks and smells fresher and freshly ground meat from a grinder gives a great taste to your customers. Restaurants who wish to offset the cost of this restaurant equipment look into financing meat grinder and financing slicers.
Industrial Microwave Financing
Thanks to microwave ovens, heating food is a snap. And having an industrial microwave ensures that many of your food items can be quickly heated, at a nominal cost. Restaurants not wishing to feel the burn of high prices look into financing industrial microwaves, and they usually choose an experience company like Crest Capital.

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