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The food service industry is unique in that the customer is usually directly served in their place of business. Thus, the equipment they use has an enormous effect on customer perception. Noisy, inefficient, outdated equipment and furnishings will be seen as a negative, and effect the bottom line. So the food service industry has a consistent need to finance new equipment – everything from new dining room furniture to new computerized registers to a major expansion.

Even food service equipment that is "in house" (like a company cafeteria) or not stand-alone (like a traveling "lunch cart" that visits construction sites) typically needs to be financed. And regardless of the reason, Crest Capital is well equipped to handle your company's food service and restaurant equipment financing. With our simple application process and quick approval time, we can make food service and restaurant equipment financing as simple as toasting an English Muffin.

**Please Note**
As of Jan 1, 2023 we only consider financing equipment for established restaurants with a minimum of five-years operating history.

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Bakery Equipment Financing
There's just something about the smell (and look) of fresh baked cookies, pies and pastries. In fact, it's often the smell and presentation of baked goods that gets people buying. Since having the best bakery equipment is necessary to cook up these culinary confections, Crest Capital can help by providing low interest bakery equipment financing.
Restaurant Equipment Financing
A successful restaurant depends heavily on its equipment. From cooking equipment like stoves and ovens to the walk-in freezer, a restaurant's equipment is vital to the success of the operation. And Crest Capital offers easy restaurant equipment financing that will ensure that your customers only get the very best food and service.

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