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Delivery vans are the workhorses of many industries. Millions of miles a year are put on the odometers of delivery vans across a bevy of industries. Auto parts stores, retail stores (especially in the hardware and building supply industry), and food service establishments all use delivery vans. Of course, the most obvious of all are courier and delivery services, whether local or national in scope.

Delivery vans can be financed many ways (as you can often buy them at an auto dealership), but one of the best ways is to use an equipment finance company like Crest Capital. In short, an equipment finance company has more experience in financing delivery vans for commercial enterprises. In fact, Crest Capital has closed to two decades of experience in delivery van financing. We've developed a simple application process and have the fastest approval time in the market, making us the top choice for companies looking to finance delivery vans, whether you need one or an entire fleet. Contact us today to learn more.

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