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Digger Derrick Truck Financing

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A digger derrick truck is a truck that is used for several purposes: Digging cylindrical holes, setting utility poles, positioning materials, and other related apparatus. Digger derrick trucks can be utilized for various excavation purposes, but can be expensive due to their varied job functions. Crest Capital understands how useful (and expensive) these vehicles are, and that's why we offer many specialty vehicle leasing options to finance digger derrick trucks for you.

In fact, Crest Capital has almost twenty years of experience in business vehicle leasing, including specific experience in financing digger derrick trucks for businesses of all sizes. Our simple application process, great rates, and speedy approval time will allow you to get specialty vehicle financing fast, and let you get back to the work you do best. Contact Crest Capital today to learn more about our digger derrick truck financing and all of our business vehicle leasing options.

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