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  • IRS Withholding Calculator: A multi-page calculator that checks whether you have enough U.S. income tax withheld from your paychecks.
  • Loan Interest Calculator: A tool that helps you figure out how quickly you could repay loans using various payment plans.
  • Instant Lease Quote Calculator: A resource that helps you figure out what your monthly lease payment would be using various purchase options.
  • APR Calculator: A tool that calculates the annual percentage rate for any loan.
  • Mortgage Calculator: A calculator that allows you to estimate your monthly mortgage payment, and therefore the real cost of a home.
  • Retirement Planner: A resource that helps you keep track of how well you will be funded for retirement.
  • Retirement Income Calculator: A tool that calculates your monthly income in retirement, based on your financial planning now.
  • The Salary Calculator: A series of calculators that measure your real salary, take-home pay, and more.
  • Benefit Calculators: A tool that allows you to estimate your future Social Security benefits.
  • Section 179 Calculator: An online calculator to determine your small business Section 179 Tax Deduction for equipment, vehicles, and software.
  • Trust Fund Calculator: A tool that gives the current value of a trust fund.
Clothing and Apparel
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  • Scale Tool 1.3: A free downloadable program that allows you to calculate scales and to tune pianos and guitars.
  • Frequency to Note Calculator: A tool that allows you to determine which notes certain frequencies represent.
  • Musicalc: A downloadable tool, designed for sound engineers and musicians, that calculates tempo, delay, and frequency.
  • Music Calculator: A list of several different tools designed to help with tuning and other musical calculations.
  • IntervalCalc: An interval calculator available in exchange for some original artwork, or for a small fee.
  • Currency Tools: A list of calculators that can convert between different currencies and calculate other charges related to exchanging currencies.
  • Duty Calculator: A tool that can calculate the cost of importing goods to Europe or exporting goods from Europe.
  • Export Price Index Calculator: A tool that can determine the export price for a commodity, taking inflation into account.
  • CPI Inflation Calculator: A tool that can calculate how the value of the dollar has changed from one specific year to another because of inflation.
  • Cost-of-Living Calculator: A tool that is able to compare cost-of-living statistics from many different U.S. cities, and to calculate the salary change that should accompany a move from one city to another.
  • Compound Interest Calculator: A calculator that demonstrates how savings can grow over time.
About The Author

About the Author

Written by Chris Fletcher (aka the Lease Guy). Chris is a senior account executive at Crest Capital, where he manages vendor finance programs for manufacturers and dealers of equipment, vehicles, and software. He's also an active Twitterer—check out his page if you follow financial topics and current events in the world of finance.