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Although backhoes can be used in many different industries, the construction and mining industry typically use these machines the most. At construction sites, a backhoe is sometimes the only piece of heavy machinery there, since they can both dig and move material. For many businesses, purchasing this machine up front for cash just isn’t financially viable (or even desirable.) As a result there’s a tremendous need for new and used backhoe financing. And it helps to choose a lender that has experience with providing backhoe loans.

Best Backhoe Financing Options by Crest Capital

Since 1989, Crest Capital has been financing backhoes, and we want to help you acquire the machine of your choice. We have the expert knowledge and industry experience you need when choosing to finance equipment. We offer a simple, one-page application process, great rates, and can get your new or used backhoe financing approved fast.

Several Benefits of Crest Capital’s New and Used Backhoe Leasing and Financing

Easy Application An Easy, Fast Application - For backhoe loans under $250k, we only need one quick online form. There’s no paperwork or need for you to produce financial statements. Easy, right?

Great Fixed Rates  Fixed Rates = Low Monthly Payments - Our financing rates are fixed rates, so your low monthly payment is always predictable, and never changes.

Fast Approvals Lightning Quick Approvals – You need your machine fast, and nobody is faster than Crest Capital. We can approve most lease or loan deals in a few hours, and almost never take longer than a business day. We’re the fastest in the industry!

Backhoe Leasing and Financing FAQ (Continually Updated)

What Are the Rates for Financing a Backhoe?
Like all lenders, our rates change along with the federal funds rate, but wherever they are, our backhoe financing rates are the best in the business.

Are Your Financing and Leasing Rates Fixed?
Absolutely! Our rates are fixed rates, which means your monthly payment stays the same throughout the entire loan term. Again, we like making things as easy as possible.

How Fast Are Your Approvals?
Usually a few hours, and almost never more than one business day. We work fast, so you can get back to work quickly.

What Collateral Do I Need?
Nothing (other than the financed equipment itself, which is standard in all loans).

What About Other Business Restrictions?
We don’t have them. No blanket liens, no making you requalify for the loan every year. No worrying about the backhoe lease or loan being called in early. We’re as business-friendly as it gets.

Can My Leased / Financed Equipment be Any Make and Model? And What About Financing a Used Backhoe?
Any make or model can be leased or financed. And yes, used backhoe financing is available.

I’d Like to See if I can Pre-Qualify. Is That Possible?
Yep! Click any of the “check your eligibility instantly” button on this page to be prequalified, with no credit check.

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