Section 179 Equipment Purchase Deductions Made Simple with a Free Online Tax Calculator

George Messic - National Accounts, Crest Capital - 12/01/2007

Section 179 Equipment Purchase Deductions Made Simple with a Free Online Tax Calculator Atlanta, GA (Press Release) December 3, 2007 – When the leaves turn color and holiday music starts filling the air, many businesses turn their attention to taxes, and the potential savings they can reap by purchasing equipment before the end of the year. This is due to "section 179", a provision in the US tax code that allows businesses to take a full, immediate tax deduction for equipment.

One of the leading questions many businesses have is "how much can I lower my tax bill by buying something now?" To help answer that question, leading equipment financer Crest Capital has launched a free online Section 179 tax calculator. This calculator is free for anyone to use with no obligation, and is designed specifically to give businesses a good idea of what they can save.

Crest Capital National Accounts Manager George Messic says this new service has been quite popular so far: "One of the biggest questions we get at this time of the year is businesses asking how much money they can save on their taxes by adding equipment and vehicles before December 31" remarked Messic "so we figured we'd help by creating this online calculator and making it available to everyone. And it's been a hit - we've gotten great feedback, because taxes are on everyone's mind."

Indeed they are. According to the latest Small Business Research Board study, "Taxes were the leading concern of business owners during the second quarter of 2007 replacing health care." And since taxes weigh so heavily, it is logical for business owners to attempt to ease their tax burden. Which is where section 179 comes into play.

"In a nutshell, section 179 allows a business owner to take a FULL deduction on many pieces of equipment." explained Messic "The old way was to depreciate equipment over time, and take a small deduction each year. But now businesses can buy, for example, a delivery truck or new computers, and 'write off' most, if not all, of the purchase price this tax year. Which can lower the taxes owed substantially."

Besides the free online calculator, Crest Capital's website also offers other free information regarding section 179 and year-end taxes, as Messic feels it's important to give visitors as much information as possible about the tax code. He also stresses the importance of acting while the deduction is still in place: "Nobody knows how long the section 179 deduction will be around. It may make better fiscal sense to buy something now, as opposed to waiting another year or two."

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George Messic - National Accounts, Crest Capital. George has a long record of helping business owners successfully grow their businesses with economical equipment financing and leasing. With more than 25 years of applying his expertise and market knowledge, combined with uncompromising integrity, George has become the "Go to" equipment finance guy for companies large and small all across the United States.

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