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Alexander Graham Bell would be very pleased with how his little invention turned out. From the simple "Waston, come here" (which spanned a floor or two) to two offices communicating across the country, the advances have been nothing short of amazing. Many companies no longer need the office space that they used to – their workforce can be spread out over many miles (even thousands) and still function as if they were all together. Telecommunications equipment makes this possible.

Crest Capital is all to happy to help your company take advantage of the latest in telecommunications equipment by providing you with telecommunications equipment financing that is tailored to your needs. In short, if you are looking to finance telecommunications equipment, we're the people to call. We have great rates, fast approvals, and the easiest application you will ever fill out.

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Broadcasting Equipment Financing
Broadcasting equipment covers all the various equipment used in transmitting information. Financing broadcasting equipment is necessary since much of the equipment is expensive (or needs additional forms of telecommunications equipment to assist in operation - such as power sources for antennas.) Crest Capital can help with our telecommunications equipment leasing program.
Multiplex Equipment Financing
Think of multiplexing as having people share a cab and split the cost. Instead of people, a multiplexer takes several data signals and combines them into one signal to share or reduce the cost. Because they save money in the long run, it's best to finance multiplex equipment due to the initial purchase cost.
Telephone Routing Equipment Financing
Telephone routing equipment is used to direct calls to their intended destination. Telephone routers ensure that calls aren't blocked or dropped due to closed circuits. Having an efficient telephone system is necessary, but the financial cost of this telecommunications equipment is high. Thus, one should consider financing telephone routing equipment.
Telephone Switch Equipment Financing
A telephone switch is the brain that routes calls from telephone to telephone. The telephone switch (or local exchange) replaces the old manual switchboard with an automated system capable of registering a phone that's off the hook, and understanding audio tones as phone numbers. The expense of this equipment means financing telephone switch equipment through Crest Capital is a good call.
Telephone System Financing
Having a good telephone system is a necessary aspect of any business. Whether it is transferring a call to a person, a department, taking messages, or keeping clear reception for communication, a business simply cannot do without a good phone system. That's why financing telephone systems through Crest Capital is so important.
Telephone Transformer Equipment Financing
Telephone transformer equipment helps to connect telephone systems to most public address amplifiers, allowing for telephone paging. As this is an important aspect of a telephone system, it is advisable for a business to consider telecommunications equipment leasing, which is why financing telephone transformer equipment through Crest Capital is so important.
Voice Processing Hardware Financing
Voice processing hardware helps to connect telephone lines to work as an auto attendant, audiotex, outbound dialers, converter, and several other functions. Since this service offers such versatile functions, leasing telecommunications equipment is a very smart idea, which is why financing voice processing hardware through Crest Capital is so important.
Transmitting Equipment Financing
The use of transmitting equipment is a useful feature to sending signals from one location to another. As this service provides several useful functions in the telecommunications industry, leasing telecommunications equipment becomes a practical decision, which is why financing transmitting equipment through Crest Capital is just a common sense decision.
Antenna and Tower Financing
Having a reliable antenna and tower is a necessary requirement for broadcasting signals to all recipients' receivers. As this is a mandatory component for the telecommunications industry, leasing telecommunications equipment becomes a practical decision, which is why when you are ready for antenna and tower financing, Crest Capital hears you loud and clear.
Adapter and Switch Financing
Interruption of your broadcast can prove to be embarrassing (it can even financially cripple a business). Having functioning adaptors and switches as part of your telecommunications equipment ensures that your message will always be loud and clear. Financing adaptor and switches with Crest Capital will ensure a smooth broadcast every time.

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