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Audio Visual equipment (or AV equipment, if you prefer) is used across a variety of industries. Obviously, companies that specialize in audio and video (like videographers, sound / music studios, etc) use this equipment to great effect. But so do companies like ad agencies who produce in-house commercials. Or even corporations for presentations and the like. So the realm is far and wide, making an equipment finance company that understands AV financing all the more valuable. That equipment finance company is Crest Capital.

Crest Capital has almost two decades of Audio Visual equipment financing, and we understand both how this equipment evolves with your company, and how you use it to make money. Thus we are able to better understand your audio visual equipment financing needs. We also offer a simple application process and a fast approval time, that makes financing AV equipment a snap.

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Check Your Eligibility for Audio Visual Equipment Financing with Crest Capital
A/V Turnkey System Financing
Having an A/V turnkey system is becoming more and more a necessity. One of the main turnkey system benefits is that it cuts down on software loading times, as well as finding, downloading, and installing updates. However, all this new technology can add up, making A/V turnkey system financing though Crest Capital necessary.
Audio Recording Equipment Financing
Audio recording equipment is important to any multimedia project. Having good sound quality can mean the difference between an award-winning project, and something that is unusable. For that reason, having a quality audio recording equipment financing program though Crest Capital can show clients your commitment to doing excellent work.
Camera Equipment Financing
Having high quality camera equipment for your next media project is a must. Everything from lighting, focus, color, and stability are factors that separate the amateurs from the professionals – this is all achievable with good equipment. Thus, camera equipment financing though Crest Capital makes good business sense.
Projector Financing
Having a quality projector is important for showcasing your latest media project. Potential customers will want to see the production run as smoothly as possible, without any noise or technical interference from the projector. Fortunately, with Crest Capital here to meet your needs, you will discover the most ideal projector financing plan for you.
Teleprompter Financing
Teleprompters are an important piece of equipment for television shows, talk shows, and especially newscasts. Whatever the need, a quality teleprompter is a wise investment for any size studio. Who else is better to turn to with this important purchase than Crest Capital? Find a teleprompter financing plan that works for you now.
Video Lighting Equipment Financing
When shooting a multimedia production, it is important to have the right kind of lighting. Not having the right lighting can make the difference between a quality production and a ruined one. Obtaining video lighting equipment financing though Crest Capital is a good way to make sure your studio has the best equipment.

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