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At Crest Capital we understand your desire to avoid harsh chemicals and to protect your employees and customers. Certainly some chemicals are always currently present, but a digital screen press helps by reducing exhaust in addition to its obvious digital capabilities (such as faster and more flexible runs.) Depending on the model of digital screen press you want, they can be very expensive. With our digital screen press financing, you'll be able to spread the payments out and get the printing equipment you need.

At Crest Capital, we have years of experience in helping printing businesses get the printing equipment leasing they need, and have made financing digital screen presses an art. In fact, we've been providing digital screen press financing since the technology became available. Our interest rates are low, and we have very flexible terms to make leasing digital presses easy. Just fill out our one page digital screen press financing application, and you'll be on your way. Contact Crest Capital today to learn more.

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