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Digital color presses are used to reproduce /images_catalog. The /images_catalog can be on cloth, plastic, and (of course) on paper. Digital color presses tend to be more cost efficient, so printing companies need them to remain competitive. Due to the high initial cost, accepting help from Crest Capital though our digital press leasing program makes good financing sense. In fact, with the right digital color press financing, your new digital press will likely pay for itself right away.

For nearly twenty years, Crest Capital has been trusted by printing businesses to take care of their color digital press financing needs. In fact, we've been financing color digital presses since they were introduced. Our application process is very simple (just a single page), we have great rates, and you can apply for digital color press financing from your own computer. And the wait time is almost nil as well - we usually get you a "yes" to printing equipment leasing queries within hours. Contact Crest Capital today to learn more.

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