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The term “metal fabrication equipment” covers a wide range of products and services, all with the common theme of bending, shaping, twisting, cutting, polishing, and securing metal. For example, you may be talking about tube bending (for copper tubing), sheet metal fabrication, or perhaps metal stamping. Regardless of what you mean, metal fabrication equipment financing is definitely a welcome service to many companies.

Crest Capital has been financing metal fabrication equipment (leasing as well) for more than 25 years. We not only have a long history of metal fabrication equipment loans, but we also know all of the particulars regarding the industry, whether you fabricate sheet metal or twist copper tubing into 10 foot coils. So when you talk to us about leasing metal fabrication equipment, you are talking to an expert – one that provides great rates, a simple application, and an answer within hours. Contact Crest Capital and see how we can help you.

Financing with Crest was astounding. The most simple process I’ve ever experienced with equipment financing!

Joel Barrett | Berrien Metal Products


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