Embroidery Machine Financing

Embroidery machines come in several different styles and models. There are, of course, manual "freehand" models available, but there are also specialized, high-speed embroidery machines, as well models that utilize computers. Due to the prohibitive cost of many these machines, businesses often look into embroidery machine financing, and usually though a company familiar with embroidery equipment leasing like Crest Capital.

Financing embroidery machines with Crest Capital (instead of buying an embroidery machine outright or taking out a high interest bank loan) is a sensible option. For nearly twenty years, Crest Capital has been leasing manufacturing equipment to all types of businesses. Our simplified, one-page embroidery machine financing application and our creative approval options will be able to generate a "yes" answer to you within a few short hours (faster than grandma can knit a scarf!) Contact Crest Capital today to get the embroidery machine financing you need.

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