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Heavy machinery like bulldozers, backhoes, cranes, loaders, excavators (amongst others) are a staple of construction companies nationwide. In fact, not much gets built without them. For a construction company to succeed, their heavy equipment needs to be in good working order, and capable of the task it's called upon to perform. Oftentimes, financing heavy machinery is a clear need to these companies. And Crest Capital responds with the heavy equipment leasing they require.

Crest Capital has almost two decades of experience in financing heavy machinery and heavy equipment. In fact, it's one of our more popular requests. So we've designed heavy machinery financing programs that appeal to construction companies nationwide. We offer a simple application process, competitive rates, and a fast approval time. This means you can get the heavy equipment financing you need, and get back to building America.

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Backhoe Financing
Think of a backhoe as a combination of a bulldozer and a digger (although the digger part can be replaced with other equipment). Its purpose is to dig and transport material like dirt and gravel. Since it's a very expensive piece of heavy machinery, businesses look to finance backhoes (used or new) to ensure they get them when they need them.
Bulldozer Financing
A bulldozer is a tractor with caterpillar threads, and usually sports a massive "plow" to push earth and other material (although they can be modified. For example, a ripper can be attached instead of the plate and used to break up hard soil and rock.) Due to their expense, business will often look into financing bulldozers.
Cement Trucks Financing
A cement truck is a truck with a cement mixer attached, and has the ability to evenly combine cement, sand/gravel, and water to form concrete. They're also referred to as a "concrete mixer" and/or a "cement mixer". Cost is a consideration, however, so many industrial and construction companies often choose to finance cement trucks.
Compactor Financing
A compactor is a piece of heavy machinery used to reduce waste material volume or soil though compaction (squeezing / crushing). Thus, compactors are a necessary piece of industrial equipment for any business dealing with waste or excess material. However, they're also expensive, so buyers usually look into financing compactors.
Concrete Equipment Financing
Concrete equipment is a catchall blanket term to include all the equipment used with concrete distribution. Examples can include cement trucks, portable mixers, cement hoses, and even concrete smoothers. The cost can vary from cheap to extremely expensive. Thus, financing concrete equipment (used or new) makes good sense.
Construction Equipment Financing
Construction equipment refers to all the equipment used in the construction industry. Examples of construction equipment can range from large equipment like bulldozers to hand tools like shovels. They range in cost depending on the item and number needed. Because of the potential cost, financing construction equipment (used or new) is a must.
Crane Financing
A crane is a piece of heavy machinery able to move heavy loads up, down, and to the side. Cranes are used to load and unload freight, material, or heavy equipment. As an expensive (but timesaving) piece of industrial equipment, buyers wishing to avoid a financial burden look into financing cranes.
Crusher Financing
Crusher equipment is usually used by the construction and mining industry to crush material into smaller sized predetermined pieces (like fist-sized or pebble sized). Crusher equipment comes in different models with some even having the convenience of mobility. This heavy machinery is very expensive, so financing crusher equipment (used or new) is worth considering.
Excavator Financing
Excavators are a fascinating piece of heavy machinery that digs and moves material (it's so fascinating that it's probably one of the leading "toy" trucks for youngsters). Excavators are very useful and versatile, but they are also expensive. Therefore, buyers need to look into new or used excavator financing as a path to ownership.
Jackhammer Financing
A jackhammer is a piece of industrial equipment used to drill rock and break up materials. Heavy hydraulic jackhammers find wide use in roadwork, mining, and the construction industry. Since their price tag tends to be quick high, businesses look into financing jackhammers (used or new) as a nice and easy path to ownership.
Punches and Press Financing
A punch press is a piece of heavy material used to form and cut metal. A piece of metal is inserted into the punch press machine. The punch press then clamps down and makes the cut or shape. They are prohibitively expensive, so businesses wishing to invest in this industrial equipment look into new or used punch press financing.
Skid Steer Financing
A Skid Steer Loader is a piece of industrial equipment used for excavation. Its small size makes them ideal for situations where a traditional excavator cannot perform because of its long arm. Since it is a very expensive piece of industrial equipment, financing skid steer loaders (used or new) should always be considered.
Stump Grinder Financing
Stump grinders remove stumps and other foliage by grinding them away to dust. This industrial equipment comes in different sizes, but industrial equipment stump grinders are usually the size of small trucks. This equipment is always very expensive, so financing stump grinders (used or new) is a very smart move.
Trencher Financing
If you need a trench dug, then you need a trencher. A trencher is a tough piece of heavy machinery used to dig trenches for pipes, electrical cable, and/or drainage. Trenchers come in all size, from portable versions to giant models capable of dwarfing buildings. As an expensive piece of industrial equipment, choosing new or used trencher financing simply makes good financial sense.
Wheel Loader Equipment Financing
A wheel loader (also known as a front loader and a bucket loader) is a piece of heavy machinery similar to a bulldozer but with a wide tilting bucket to lift and move material. They are expensive, but you can be assured that new or used wheel loader financing through Crest Capital will help you get one.
Cranes / Shovel Financing
Crane shovels are useful pieces of heavy machinery used to dig and move material at job sites. It's a very common (almost iconic) piece of industrial equipment that you would recognize instantly if you saw it. They are pricey, though, so looking into financing crane shovels (used or new) though Crest Capital is a smart way offset the cost.
Paver Machine Financing
A paver machine (sometimes referred to as a paver finisher or even an asphalt finisher) is a piece of construction equipment used to lay out asphalt on roads and parking lots. As they are costly, any business wishing to own one needs to look into new and used paver machine financing.
Directional Drill FinancingOk, you want to put a drainpipe under a road. But you don't want to dig up the road from the top – what do you do? You use a directional drill. The beauty of these pieces of heavy machinery is they can dig pathways for pipes, conduits, and cables with minimal impact to the surrounding area (no need to dig a trench). But these are costly machines, making the need for new and used Directional Drill Financing apparent.
Drilling Rig Financing.
Drilling Rigs are some of the most interesting pieces of equipment you will find. They come in many configurations, ranging from large drill rigs that rise high above the ground to smaller augers that are hand-held. However, regardless of configuration, drilling rigs (or drill rigs for short) are expensive, making new and used drilling rig financing a must.

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