Briquetting Bailing Machines

Have you ever tried to “tie up” a bunch of sawdust? How about peanut shells – can you strap up a load of them and move them over here? Of course you can’t – these types of loose materials don’t lend themselves to easy maneuvering. Usually we simply sweep them away, but what if you are in a business where tons of this waste is produced? Then you might want a specialty baling machine that compresses this waste into hard briquettes. It’s called a briquetting baler, and it’s perfect for this kind of use. But financing a briquette baling machine might prove tough.

Fortunately, briquette baler financing is something Crest Capital has been offering for more than 25 years. We know these specialty machines are valuable to certain businesses, and that’s why we provide easy briquette baler leasing or financing with a minimum of fuss. We’ve got a quick application, great rates, and fast approvals. Simply fill out our application form, and we’ll do the rest.

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