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Companies utilize baling machines (also known as balers) to compact and dispose of all manner of waste, from cardboard to plastic to rubber tires to even loose material like sawdust. Thus, baling machines come in many shapes and sizes. From smaller vertical balers that you simply "plug in" to large horizontal, conveyor-equipped baling machines to heat-induced "briquetting balers", there's a baler for almost any need. This makes baler financing and baling machine leasing popular options.

Financing a baling machine can be very advantageous to a company. It frees up capital to be used for other machines or uses. It also allows a company to pay over time for a machine that disposes waste, which alleviates expenses. Crest Capital is your go-to equipment financing company when it comes to leasing balers. With an easy application, fast approvals and minimal paperwork, we'll have you happily packaging up waste material in no time. Contact us today for a wealth of baling machine financing and baler leasing options.

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Check Your Eligibility for Baler / Baling Machine Financing  with Crest Capital
Vertical Baling Machines
In plain terms, Vertical Balers are manually operated baling machines that crush waste material vertically. The material (say, waste cardboard) is loaded in, and a hydraulic press pushes downward, compressing the material into a tight package, which can be bundled for easy disposal. The output can vary greatly, from 400+ lbs to more than 20,000lbs per hour, depending on configuration. The price varies as well, which makes vertical baler financing from Crest Capital very attractive.
Briquetting Baling Machines.
For many applications, a normal baler that crushes and ties won’t work. This is true when you have loose material, such as sawdust, chopped straw, food waste (like peanut shells or rice husks), or similar. For years, they were bagged, but today we have baling machines that compress and compact the material into hard “briquettes” for easy transport, disposal, reuse, or even resale. These machines are quite the specialty item, making briquetting baler financing with Crest Capital a smart decision.
Horizontal Baling Machines
For companies that have a large, ongoing amount of waste material, a horizontal baler makes sense in helping bundle and dispose of it. These large machines are usually loaded from the top, either by a conveyor belt or even a forklift. From there, they crush and process the waste material, ejecting it from the side (again, usually on a conveyor.) These machines are large, and can be expensive, making financing horizontal baling machines from Crest Capital a smart decision.
Drum Crusher Baler/ Barrel Flattener.
One of the interesting aspects of automatic baling machines is there is a machine for almost every purpose. That is fully evident with drum crushers, which are specifically made to (you guessed it) crush large metal drums, typically for transportation to the recycling plant. For many companies, a drum crusher is exactly what they need, making drum crusher financing from Crest Capital a smashing idea.

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