Refurbished Equipment Financing

Refurbished equipment takes on many forms. Sometimes it simply means a piece of equipment is in an open box (for one reason or another). Or perhaps it was a demo model. Or something didn’t work quite right, and the manufacturer fixed the part that didn’t work and brought it back to “near new” status (we say “near new” because “new” is clearly defined as never been used). This means the equipment is always sold at a discount, making refurbished equipment financing desirable for companies looking to save money.

Crest Capital has been financing refurbished equipment for more than 25 years. We’re pioneers in offering companies a refurbished equipment loan, and understand the complexities regarding such. Not every lender likes leasing refurbished items, but we’re used equipment financing experts. As a plus, we offer a simple online application, great rates, and, in most cases, an answer within hours (and not days.) This makes financing refurbished equipment quick and easy. Contact Crest Capital here to learn more.

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