Private Seller Equipment Financing

When a company looks to another company or entity for a piece of equipment, and the seller isn’t a dealer of said equipment, they are often referred to as a private seller. Equipment financing for this kind of transaction may prove difficult – many banks shy away from writing private seller equipment loans, leaving a definite void in this used equipment financing niche. So many businesses look elsewhere for funding private seller equipment purchases.

Fortunately, Crest Capital is an expert at private seller equipment financing. We have more than twenty five years of experience in handling these kinds of transactions, and are very receptive to private seller equipment purchase loans. This is because we understand many private sellers see the sale as a revenue stream, and buyers look favorably on these kinds of transactions because good used equipment is still valuable. So we provide the same easy application, great rates, and fast turnaround for private seller equipment loans as we do new equipment. Contact Crest Capital today to see how we can help you.

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