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For many companies, an ideal way to save money is to purchase used or preowned equipment. However, one obstacle in their way is finding used equipment financing. Truth be told, it can be downright frustrating. Depending on the piece of equipment, the bank may tell you "no", and other lenders may not offer to finance used equipment at all. But this is where Crest Capital really shines.

Crest Capital has been financing used equipment for decades. In fact, we're leaders in used equipment financing and used equipment leasing, and will work diligently with you to get you the terms you want, at an excellent rate, in record time. We treat every product, company, and transaction the same, whether you're leasing used equipment or financing preowned machinery, and are ready to help make your equipment dollar go further. Contact us today to learn more.

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Private Party Financing.
Private party financing (aka private party equipment financing or "user to user" equipment financing) is usually where a business is buying a piece of used equipment from someone other than a manufacturer or similar. For ease of understanding, think of one neighbor selling a vehicle to another neighbor. Except in this case, it's businesses and used equipment. Many banks and equipment financing companies shy away from financing private party equipment sales, but not Crest Capital – we finance private party deals all the time.
Demo Unit Financing.
Demo Units (sometimes called floor models or demo models) are exactly what they sound like – a piece of equipment used as a demonstration model. Financing demo units requires a fairly specialized type of equipment lender - one who specializes in funding “less than new” equipment and welcomes floor model financing / demo unit financing. Fortunately, Crest Capital has been providing financing for demonstration units for more than two decades.
Remanufactured Equipment Financing.
While there is no "official" designation, remanufacturing equipment usually means a fairly extensive rebuilding of a piece of equipment to be as close to original as possible. As such, there is a definite interest in buying remanufactured equipment (as it's often budget friendly), and a clear need for remanufactured equipment financing. Crest Capital is a specialist in financing remanufactured equipment, and helps companies of all sizes.
Private Sale Equipment Financing.
The private sale of equipment between two entities happens quite often. One entity (either a company or an individual) has a machine, office furniture, vehicles, or something else that isn’t needed anymore. And the buying company wants to acquire it. So this brings a need for private sale equipment financing. Fortunately, Crest Capital has 25 years of experience providing exactly that.
Pre-Owned Equipment Financing.
Pre-owned equipment financing is very similar to used equipment financing. Ok, you got us – it's the exact same thing. But then again, it's really not. For proof, all you need to do is visit your local vehicle dealer. Do you see the word "used" anywhere? You won't. So for many businesses, they will look for pre-owned equipment financing and pre-owned equipment leasing. And we want businesses to find one of the few lenders that can help them – Crest Capital.
Refurbished Equipment Financing.
Financing refurbished equipment is something that many companies are interested in, but often find hard to acquire. That’s because, by definition, refurbished equipment is not “brand new”, leading many lenders to shy away from offering refurbished equipment financing. But not Crest Capital – we happily provide companies with a refurbished equipment loan, with the great rates and friendly service we are known for.
Trade-In Equipment Financing.
Out with the old, and in with the new. That's what trading in is all about. But what happens to the old if it's still in good shape? Well, depending on the equipment, it's often resold, usually at a great price. This makes trade in equipment financing desirable for many companies. And Crest Capital has been a leader in financing traded in equipment for more than 25 years.
Private Seller Equipment Financing.
Getting financing for buying equipment from a private seller can prove difficult. This is because many banks are not too keen on private seller equipment loans. There are several reasons for this, one being that since the seller isn’t a traditional dealer, a formal maintenance agreement / warranty may not be up to the bank’s standard. But private seller equipment lending is something Crest Capital specializes in.

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