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Besides cooling, air conditioning units can also clean and freshen the air in your workplace. A properly maintained air conditioner filter will eliminate the amount of dust, mold, pollen, smoke residue, and other odors from the air, making your business a more pleasant environment for both staff and customers. Air conditioners can be a great asset to your business but are costly too, causing many business owners to pursue financing air conditioning units.

Crest Capital has a wealth of experience in financing air conditioning units (and other HVAC leasing in general.) For nearly two decades, we've provided our customers with superior service and integrity. If your company is interested in learning more about air conditioning unit financing, you can start the process by filling out our brief one page application form. In just a few short hours, we can make your office a more pleasant environment to do business in. Contact Crest Capital today to learn more about air conditioner financing.

**Please Note**
As of Jan 1, 2011 we no longer consider financing roof-top HVAC units - we only finance ground-based units. Also, please be aware that we do not provide consumer financing (no residential).

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