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If you are looking for fitness and exercise equipment financing, look no further than Crest Capital. Regardless if you are a private gym, a fitness center, or need the fitness and exercise equipment for your company exercise area, Crest Capital is here to serve your needs.

We've been financing exercise equipment for almost two decades, and have seen the vast improvements in these machines over the years. In short, they have become better, safer, and overall give a much better workout than the fitness machines of old. But, the downside is the newer equipment can be expensive. And that's why we have developed fitness equipment financing programs that can be tailored to your company's specific needs.

We offer competitive rates, a simple application process, and you can have an answer quicker than you can complete a workout. Contact us today to learn more about fitness and exercise equipment financing.

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Treadmill Financing
Treadmills are a great way to burn fat and stay in shape – that's why they are popular with health clubs, hotels with fitness centers, and even companies that provide an exercise room. Although treadmills offer convenience, they can be rather expensive. Due to their cost, many companies choose treadmill financing as an affordable alternative.
Exercise Bike Financing
Exercise bikes are the perfect choice for people seeking a cardiac workout while toning and strengthening their leg muscles at the same time. Best of all, an exercise bike can eliminate annoying distractions such as bad weather, traffic, and barking dogs. Because of these perks, exercise bikes can be costly, making exercise bike financing a factor to consider.
Gym Rack System Financing
A gym rack system provides a safe effective way to strengthen and tone the overall body. Built to last, gym rack machines are an ideal choice for those that want a total body workout all in one. Due to their durability and versatility, gym rack systems can be pricey, causing many companies to seek gym rack system financing.
Rowing Machine Financing
Row, row, row your boat…. and get a great workout. The act of rowing a boat is a great exercise, making rowing machines one of today's most popular pieces of workout equipment. To meet this demand, many companies to seek rowing machine financing.
Stepper Financing
Stepper machines are a convenient, easy-to-use piece of exercise equipment. Ideal for days when the weather is less than perfect, steppers provide a quick and efficient way to tone and strengthen the leg muscles. Although great for lower body workouts, steppers can be costly, causing many companies to pursue stepper financing.
Elliptical Machine Financing
An elliptical machine, also known as a cross trainer, is an ideal way to obtain a cardiac workout with little or no risk of injury. Elliptical machines reduce the amount of impact on the body, which can lead to stress or muscle damage. Due to benefits like these, elliptical machines are expensive, leading many companies to seek elliptical machine financing.
Weight Machine Financing
Weight machines are popular among fitness enthusiasts. The benefits they provide are very similar to using free weights, except for the fact that the weights are secured by pulleys and cables, making injury less likely to occur. While weight machines offer more safety features, most are rather expensive. Thus, weight machine financing is a smart option.
Free Weight Financing
"Free weights" are just what the name implies. They allow the user freedom to target specific areas of his or her body. Unlike a weight machine system, free weights or barbells give the user more control over their fitness regime. Purchasing numerous sizes of free weights can get rather expensive though. Thus, financing free weights makes large purchases more affordable for companies.
Cardio Equipment Financing
Cardio equipment is any type of exercise machine or tool that provides the heart with a healthy workout. Steppers, treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and trampolines are just a handful of the many types of cardio equipment on the market. Although popular among consumers, these types of equipment can be expensive, forcing many companies to consider cardio equipment financing.

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