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Very often, a farm's equipment clearly defines it – the classic image of a tractor or hay baling machine are unmistakably recognizable. The equipment is vast in scope – a dairy farm may have large machines meant for milking hundreds of cows, whereas a farm growing mostly grain will need equipment specialized for that task.

Regardless of the equipment needed, it is all an investment. The better the equipment, the better the farm runs, and the more profitable the operation becomes. So it's prudent to get the best farm equipment financing possible. Which is what Crest Capital can offer.

We've been in business since 1989, and have been financing farm equipment since day one. We understand the farming business, and the lifestyle of the farmer, and we're here to help, with a simple application, great rates, and a fast approval. We'll get you the farm equipment financing you need, whether it's for a single tractor or an entire fleet of such. Contact us today to learn more.

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Check Your Eligibility for Farm Equipment Financing with Crest Capital
Combine Equipment Financing
Combine Equipment combines the different jobs of harvesting, threshing, and cleaning grain crops all into one piece of farm equipment. Farms find great use of these time saving (almost mandatory) pieces of farm equipment. Due to their expensive price tag, businesses wisely choose to finance combine equipment.
Cotton Bailer Financing
Cotton Bailers are highly prized for their time saving ability to take loose cotton and bundle and tie it into units called bails. Because of the specialized nature of their function, cotton bailers can be pricy. But they save a lot of time, so farms prefer to finance cotton bailers as part of their farm equipment leasing programs.
Harvesting Machine Financing
A harvesting machine automates one of the most time-consuming jobs on a farm - collecting crops for harvesting. They are capable of collecting almost everything, from grapes to wheat to corn. Such a useful piece of farm equipment never comes cheap; therefore farms look into financing harvesting machines.
Hay Bailer Financing
A hay bailer is a piece of farm equipment used to compress crops into round or rectangular bales. These bales are usually bound with twine, metal mesh or even plastic wrapping (depending on the farmer's choice). Hay bailers are expensive pieces of equipment; therefore farms often choose to look into hay bailer financing.
Planting Machine Financing
A planting machine is a piece of farming equipment used to automatically till the soil and plant different types of seeds into the ground. Although they can be quite expensive, farms find they cannot do without these planting machines. Because of this, farms choose to look into planting machine financing.
Tractor Financing
A tractor is a vehicle traditionally used to haul equipment and perform work. Tractors are mainly used on farms but they see use in other fields. Their ability to tow heavy loads and aid in the use of farming makes them indispensable (although expensive.) Therefore, financing tractors is a good financial move.
Stump Grinder Financing
A stump grinder solves the issue of how to remove stumps by grinding stumps away. Stump grinders come in different sizes to handle different size stumps and depths. This useful investment can be quite pricey, and because of this, financing stump grinders is often the best option.
Ploughing Equipment Financing
Ploughing equipment (also known as a plow or plower) is farm equipment used to automate the cultivation of soil. Ploughing equipment finds wide use due to its ability to quickly and efficiently bring nutrient rich soil up to the surface for planting. Because they are so expensive, financing ploughing equipment is necessary.
Power / Rotary Tiller Financing
A power rotary tiller is desired for its ability to till the soil without packing it down (which can happen with other pieces of farm equipment). Its price varies depending on the model desired but they can be expensive. Businesses often find financing rotary tillers a good way to own one.
Cotton Gin Financing
The Cotton Gin is a machine used to separate seeds from the cotton fibers. Prior to Eli Whitney inventing the cotton gin in 1793, seed removal was a time consuming, slow process. Today's cotton gins are vastly improved but also very expensive. Therefore, modern farms choose to finance cotton gins.

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