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Vacuum Trucks and Sweeper Trucks are some of the most interesting vehicles to watch as they perform their task. When a vacuum truck or a sweeper truck goes by, most eyes in the area will at least watch it for a moment. This is because these vehicles just aren't all that common – how often do you really see a "street cleaner" (which is another name for these trucks.)

However, that uncommon-ness sometimes makes financing vacuum trucks (or financing sweeper trucks) a hassle. In simple terms, not everyone will finance such a unique vehicle. That's why an equipment financing specialist like Crest Capital is so important to companies that use street cleaning vehicles. We have almost two decades of experience in vacuum truck and sweeper truck financing, and can offer you our expertise. We've honed our application process to be the easiest around, and we boast the quickest approval times in the market today. In short, we're ready to help you finance street cleaners. Contact us today to learn more.

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Liquid Vacuum Truck Financing
Liquid Vacuum Trucks are used to remove liquid waste (sometimes dangerous liquids) from areas and transport them to safe locations for disposal. Their ability to remove and handle varied liquids makes them very valuable (and expensive.) Due to this expense, businesses often choose vacuum and sweeper truck leasing to finance liquid vacuum trucks.
Semi Liquid Vacuum Truck Financing
Semi-liquid vacuum trucks perform much of the same function as liquid vacuum trucks (clean areas by removing liquid waste). Semi-liquid vacuum trucks are able to handle more solid waste such as food tanker spills. Due to their great expense, businesses wisely choose business vehicle leasing to finance semi-liquid vacuum trucks.
All Street Sweeper Truck Financing
Street Sweeper Trucks have come a long way in the over one hundred years since they were invented. Today street sweeper trucks are sophisticated and have new features to help with street sweeping. Because of their expensive price, businesses and government organizations choose to finance street sweeper trucks.

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