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Limousines come in all shapes and sizes these days. From your classic super-stretch to the giant "Hummer" models, there's a perfect limo for just about every size group and/or occasion. And the options inside are plentiful as well - not just content with a bar, today's limos have advanced communication and interactive entertainment centers. This means to compete, Limo companies have to be diverse and cutting edge. And Crest Capital is here to help.

At Crest Capital, we have almost two decades of experience in financing limousines - we've done everything from simple stretch models to the most advanced SUV-limo on the road today (and everything in between.) This means if you are looking for limousine financing, we're the equipment financing company of choice. And our simple application process, great rates, and fast approval will have you feeling like a V.I.P. Contact us today to learn more.

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Exotic Limousine Financing
Think of an exotic limousine as a super limousine. Exotic limousines are modified to provide extra features not traditional found in regular limousines, and they tend to very luxurious and roomy to allow for multiple passengers and their belongings. They are also pricey, so financing exotic limousines is often a must.
Stage Limousine Financing
Think of stage limousine as a cross between a bus and a Sedan. It's not considered to be a true limousine by some, yet it still delivers multiple passengers in comfort and style like a regular limousine. Their price tends to be quite expensive; therefore businesses often look to finance stage limousines.
Stretch Limousine Financing
A stretch limousine is a longer version of a typical vehicle – in essence, stretch limousines are modified luxury cars that are stretched out to create a longer luxury limousine. They tend to very luxurious and roomy due to their longer body and added space, but they also come with an added price tag, so financing stretch limousines is a must.
Traditional Limousine Financing
A traditional limousine is a luxury car, customarily driven by a chauffeur. Traditional limousines are iconic symbols of luxury associated with belonging to the very wealthy. As a symbol of wealth and prestige, traditional limousines tend to be quite expensive. Thus, Crest Financial offers limousine leasing to help you finance traditional limousines.

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