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Ask your bank about financing a garbage truck and you might get a funny look - it's likely they were never asked that question before. They will probably even ask you what you intend to do with the garbage truck (we're not sure what answer they would be expecting...)

A garbage truck is unique, and it's expensive (never mind several.) This makes the need for financing garbage trucks paramount, and creates the need for an experienced equipment financing specialist like Crest Capital. We have years of experience financing specialty vehicles, including financing garbage trucks. We understand your business, and we understand why you need these vehicles. We also make garbage truck financing very simple - our application process is straightforward, and our approval times are fast. This allows you to get the garbage truck financing you need without a lot of red tape (and silly questions.) Contact us today to learn more.

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Front Loader Truck Financing
Motorized garbage trucks have come a long way since the 1920s. Although the basic premise remains the same (transport waste to landfills, recycling centers, etc), today’s garbage trucks come in specialized configurations, like front loader trucks. This specialization makes them more expensive, so financing front loader trucks is often a must.
Grapple Truck Financing
A grapple truck is not your typical garbage truck. Indeed, while it still brings garbage to the landfill, a grapple truck typically has a large grapple arm to one side, making it great for curbside pickup. This makes them very useful for some areas and neighborhoods, but not so good for others, so financing grapple trucks is something the bank may not be familiar with.
Rear Loader Truck Financing
Rear loader trucks are your classic garbage truck. Often having one or two workers riding on the back, they accept and compact waste at the rear of the truck. But even though they are classic in design, they still carry a high initial cost, making the decision to finance rear loader trucks a wise one.
Recycling Truck Financing
A recycling truck performs the same basic job as a “conventional” garbage truck does. However, instead of general garbage, a recycling truck only takes specialized waste such as glass, paper, aluminum, asphalt, and plastics. Recycling trucks tend to be expensive, which makes financing recycling trucks a must for most companies.
Roll Off Truck Financing
A roll off truck performs the same traditional duties as other garbage trucks (transport waste payloads to other locations), but a roll off truck is able to separate its container and deposit it on the ground. Their special capabilities make them expensive, and because of this, financing roll off trucks becomes a smart move.
Side Loader Truck Financing
Transporting waste has always been a big job. What used to be a horse and cart is now done by modern garbage trucks. A side loader garbage truck has the ability to operate in tight spaces, making it a unique kind of vehicle. So unique, in fact, that the bank may look at you funny when you ask about financing side loader trucks.

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