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Dump trucks can be found almost everywhere. Aside from obvious uses in construction, many other companies use them as well – everything from landscaping and stone/gravel companies to sanitation companies. In fact, you could say the versatility of the dump truck is only exceeded by the cost of one. This makes new and used dump truck financing a point of interest for many companies, whether they need one dump truck or several.

An equipment finance company like Crest Capital is a smart choice when you are looking to finance or lease dump trucks. We’ve been handling new and used dump truck financing for companies of all sizes since 1989, so we understand your business, and we’ve developed the best new and used dump truck leasing programs on the market. We have a simple application, and same day approval for most deals. How’s that for fast?

But the speed is only part of the reason your friends at Crest Capital are the optimal choice when financing dump trucks. We can structure your finance agreement so your monthly payments are very affordable. Combined with the added capabilities a new (or new to you) dump truck provides, your ROI can really soar. Contact Crest today to learn more about new and used dump truck financing.

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Articulated Dump Truck Financing
An articulated dump truck performs largely the same function as a traditional dump truck - they allow for the transportation of loose material such as gravel, sand, heavy dirt or even debris. Articulated dump trucks are more rugged, and thus are used in rougher terrain. Because of the high initial cost of these vehicles, new or used articulated dump truck financing is often a must.
Mining Truck Financing
A mining truck is a dump truck used by the mining industry. Mining trucks tend to be incredible in size and usually dwarf nearby people (and other vehicles). The purpose of a mining truck is to haul large amounts of heavy materials. Their outsized cost often makes businesses choose to seek new or used mining truck financing.
Off-road Dump Truck Financing
An off-road dump truck is a dump truck usually used by the mining industry to haul large, heavy-material payloads. A ‘Haul truck’ is the preferred industry name for these business vehicles, and they are so large that they tend to dwarf nearly everything. Their great expense makes choosing to new or used off road dump truck financing a smart move.
Side Dump Truck Financing
Side dump trucks perform generally the same function as a regular dump truck - they allow for the transportation of loose materials. However, side dump trucks dump their payload on the right or left side (thus the name “Side Dump Truck”.) Because of their cost, new or used side dump truck financing is beneficial.
Superdump Truck Financing
A super dump truck is a dump truck with an immense carrying load, often hauling payloads of up to 32 tons. The purpose of a super dump truck is to haul larger amounts of heavy materials than regular dump trucks. This makes them expensive, and their cost often compels businesses to seek out new or used super dump truck financing.
Transfer Dump Truck Financing
A transfer dump truck is a dump truck that hauls a trailer. Sometimes they’re referred to as Slam-Bang trucks due to the noise made when transferring. Transfer dump trucks are popular choices in the construction industry. Due to the expense of this industry favorite, business choose to find excellent new or used transfer dump truck financing.

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