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Entry Level / Internet / "Quick with a mouse" Specialist - Atlanta, GA
Do you have exceptional computer, mouse, and internet skills? Can you multitask? If so, do you want an interesting entry-level job that pays well, has flexible hours, and can lead to promotion? Crest Capital, one of the nation's leading equipment finance companies, has an exciting Data Research / Data Entry position available to the right person. The requirements are excellent mouse / keyboard skills, superior internet searching skills, and the ability to quickly (and accurately) enter data.
Database Administrator - Atlanta, GA
Exceptional opportunity for an individual with both database / data retrieval and project management experience. Crest Capital is a solid, growing company in the industry, and we're looking for someone who wants a real career. We'll be counting on your technology and management skills to help the company grow further, and in return, we offer not only excellent compensation, benefits, and modern equipment; but we also offer a job that you will actually care about (and one that cares back).
Loan Administrator - Ft Myers, FL
Crest Capital, one of the nation's leading equipment finance companies, is seeking individuals with strong communication skills to join our team as Loan Administrators. Applicants should possess good business judgment; attention to detail; and have the ability to meet deadlines with minimal supervision (in other words, we won't micromanage you). Customer service experience is a plus. We welcome sharp college students as well as experienced loan administrators / documentation managers to apply.
Account Executive - Atlanta, GA
Are you a fluid &effective communicator who's not afraid to pick up the phone? Can you build relationships from the ground up? And finally, do you want to be well-paid and proud of what you do? If so, perhaps it's time to energize your career with a move to Crest Capital. We're an equipment finance company that offers sales-oriented individuals an exceptional career as an Account Executive. We have excellent products, sound back-end support, and we strive to be competitive in everything we do.
Transaction Coordinator - Ft Myers, FL
Do you want a well-paid career in a respected industry? Do you just need your chance to show what you can do? Are you a people-person who's not afraid to pick up the phone and build new relationships? Does the prospect of working in the finance industry sound exciting? If so, it may be time to launch your career with Crest Capital. Attitude is more important than experience, as this is a rare entry-level position that clearly sets you on the path for promotion into either Sales or Operations.

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