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Level IV Ambulance (Level 4) aka Type4 Financing

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Ambulances come in different configurations due to different needs. Some need specialized models capable of dealing with disease breakouts or radiation injuries. Others find that a basic all purpose model like the Level IV/Type 4 ambulance model satisfies all their needs. The Level IV/Type 4 ambulances are advanced models capable of providing basic life support. Because of their high initial cost, financing Type IV/Level 4 ambulances with an equipment financing company experienced in ambulance leasing is a very wise choice.

Crest Capital is that company. We understand the need to finance Type 4/Level IV ambulances, and as such, we’ve been providing ambulance leasing for almost two decades. We offer a simple one-form application process, great rates, and a fast approval, meaning we get you Type 4/Level IV ambulance financing in a few hours. Contact us today to learn more about our entire scope of business vehicle leasing options.

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