Welcome to our educational page dedicated to the 50 U.S. states! Our aim is to provide you with essential information such as each state's capital, key facts, and unique symbols.

U.S. States and Capitals
Capital cities are crucial in the United States, as they serve as the political and administrative centers for each state. Our table highlights the capitals and the largest cities of each state, providing you with an insight into their roles in state governance and development.

Statehood and Land Area
The history of the United States is marked by the gradual expansion of the country through the admission of new states. The date of statehood for each state reflects the historical context and unique journey each state had becoming a part of the union. Additionally, the land area of each state, as shown in the table, offers a perspective on the varying geographical sizes and features of the states.

State Name State Abbreviation Capital City Largest City Date of Statehood Land Area (sq mi) Major Industry State Nickname State Bird State Flower
Alabama AL Montgomery Birmingham 1819-12-14 50,645 Aerospace and Defense Yellowhammer State Yellowhammer Camellia
Alaska AK Juneau Anchorage 1959-01-03 6,65,384 Oil and Gas The Last Frontier Willow Ptarmigan Forget-me-not
Arizona AZ Phoenix Phoenix 1912-02-14 1,13,990 Technology and Manufacturing The Grand Canyon State Cactus Wren Saguaro Cactus Blossom
Arkansas AR Little Rock Little Rock 1836-06-15 52,035 Agriculture and Manufacturing The Natural State Northern Mockingbird Apple Blossom
California CA Sacramento Los Angeles 1850-09-09 1,63,696 Technology and Entertainment The Golden State California Quail California Poppy
Colorado CO Denver Denver 1876-08-01 1,04,094 Aerospace and Defense The Centennial State Lark Bunting Rocky Mountain Columbine
Connecticut CT Hartford Bridgeport 1788-01-09 5,543 Finance and Insurance The Constitution State American Robin Mountain Laurel
Delaware DE Dover Wilmington 1787-12-07 1,954 Finance and Insurance The First State Blue Hen Chicken Peach Blossom
Florida FL Tallahassee Jacksonville 1845-03-03 65,758 Tourism and Agriculture The Sunshine State Northern Mockingbird Orange Blossom
Georgia GA Atlanta Atlanta 1788-01-02 59,425 Agriculture and Manufacturing The Peach State Brown Thrasher Cherokee Rose
Hawaii HI Honolulu Honolulu 1959-08-21 10,931 Tourism and Agriculture The Aloha State Nene (Hawaiian Goose) Hibiscus
Idaho ID Boise Boise 1890-07-03 83,569 Agriculture and Manufacturing The Gem State Mountain Bluebird Syringa
Illinois IL Springfield Chicago 1818-12-03 57,914 Agriculture and Manufacturing The Prairie State Northern Cardinal Violet
Indiana IN Indianapolis Indianapolis 1816-12-11 36,418 Manufacturing The Hoosier State Northern Cardinal Peony
Iowa IA Des Moines Des Moines 1846-12-28 56,273 Manufacturing Hawkeye State Eastern Goldfinch Wild Rose
Kansas KS Topeka Wichita 1861-01-29 82,278 Agriculture Sunflower State Western Meadowlark Sunflower
Kentucky KY Frankfort Louisville 1792-06-01 40,408 Manufacturing Bluegrass State Northern Cardinal Goldenrod
Louisiana LA Baton Rouge New Orleans 1812-04-30 52,378 Energy Pelican State Eastern Brown Pelican Magnolia
Maine ME Augusta Portland 1820-03-15 35,385 Healthcare Pine Tree State Black-capped Chickadee White Pine
Maryland MD Annapolis Baltimore 1788-04-28 12,407 Life Sciences Old Line State Baltimore Oriole Black-eyed Susan
Massachusetts MA Boston Boston 1788-02-06 10,555 Life Sciences Bay State Black-capped Chickadee Mayflower
Michigan MI Lansing Detroit 1837-01-26 96,716 Manufacturing Great Lakes State American Robin Apple Blossom
Minnesota MN St. Paul Minneapolis 1858-05-11 86,936 Healthcare North Star State Common Loon Pink and White Lady's Slipper
Mississippi MS Jackson Jackson 1817-12-10 48,430 Agriculture Magnolia State Northern Mockingbird Magnolia
Missouri MO Jefferson City Kansas City 1821-08-10 69,709 Aerospace Show-Me State Eastern Bluebird Hawthorn
Montana MT Helena Billings 1889-11-08 1,47,040 Agriculture Treasure State Western Meadowlark Bitterroot
Nebraska NE Lincoln Omaha 1867-03-01 77,354 Agriculture Cornhusker State Western Meadowlark Goldenrod
Nevada NV Carson City Las Vegas 1864-10-31 1,10,567 Tourism Silver State Mountain Bluebird Sagebrush
New Hampshire NH Concord Manchester 1788-06-21 9,349 Advanced Manufacturing Granite State Purple Finch Purple Lilac
New Jersey NJ Trenton Newark 1787-12-18 8,723 Pharmaceutical Garden State Eastern Goldfinch Purple Violet
New Mexico NM Santa Fe Albuquerque 1912-01-06 1,21,590 Oil and Gas Land of Enchantment Roadrunner Yucca
New York NY Albany New York City 1788-07-26 54,556 Finance, Communications Empire State Eastern Bluebird Rose
North Carolina NC Raleigh Charlotte 1789-11-21 53,819 Aerospace and Defense Tar Heel State Northern Cardinal Dogwood
North Dakota ND Bismarck Fargo 1889-11-02 70,698 Agriculture, Energy Peace Garden State Western Meadowlark Wild Prairie Rose
Ohio OH Columbus Columbus 1803-03-01 44,825 Advanced Manufacturing Buckeye State Northern Cardinal Scarlet Carnation
Oklahoma OK Oklahoma City Oklahoma City 1907-11-16 69,899 Oil and Gas, Agriculture Sooner State Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Oklahoma Rose
Oregon OR Salem Portland 1859-02-14 98,379 Technology and Manufacturing Beaver State Western Meadowlark Oregon Grape
Pennsylvania PA Harrisburg Philadelphia 1787-12-12 46,054 Manufacturing Keystone State Ruffed Grouse Mountain Laurel
Rhode Island RI Providence Providence 1790-05-29 1,545 Healthcare Ocean State Rhode Island Red Violet
South Carolina SC Columbia Charleston 1788-05-23 32,020 Manufacturing Palmetto State Carolina Wren Yellow Jessamine
South Dakota SD Pierre Sioux Falls 1889-11-02 77,116 Agriculture Mount Rushmore State Ring-necked Pheasant Pasque Flower
Tennessee TN Nashville Nashville 1796-06-01 42,144 Automotive Volunteer State Northern Mockingbird Iris
Texas TX Austin Houston 1845-12-29 2,68,596 Energy and Technology Lone Star State Northern Mockingbird Bluebonnet
Utah UT Salt Lake City Salt Lake City 1896-01-04 84,897 Technology Beehive State California Gull Sego Lily
Vermont VT Montpelier Burlington 1791-03-04 9,616 Manufacturing Green Mountain State Hermit Thrush Red Clover
Virginia VA Richmond Virginia Beach 1788-06-25 42,775 Technology and Defense Old Dominion Northern Cardinal American Dogwood
Washington WA Olympia Seattle 1889-11-11 71,298 Technology and Aerospace Evergreen State Willow Goldfinch Western Rhododendron
West Virginia WV Charleston Charleston 1863-06-20 24,230 Chemical Mountain State Northern Cardinal Rhododendron
Wisconsin WI Madison Milwaukee 1848-05-29 65,496 Manufacturing Badger State American Robin Wood Violet
Wyoming WY Cheyenne Cheyenne 1890-07-10 97,813 Energy Equality State Western Meadowlark Indian Paintbrush

Top Industries
The United States has a dynamic and varied economy, with each state contributing its unique strengths through various industries. Our table presents one of the top industries for each state, illustrating a snapshot of their economic contributions. Keep in mind that there are many industries in each state, and exploring further can provide a more comprehensive understanding of their economic landscapes.

State Nicknames and Symbols
Every state has its own nickname and symbols, such as the state bird and state flower, which embody its unique identity and heritage. Our table presents these nicknames and symbols, offering a glimpse into the distinct characteristics and cultural aspects of each state.

With this information, we hope to provide you with a helpful starting point on your journey of learning about the 50 U.S. states. Feel free to delve deeper into the details of each state, exploring their histories, cultures, and geographies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a state capital and the largest city in a state?
A state capital is the city where the government of a state is located, while the largest city is the most populous city in the state. Sometimes the capital and largest city can be the same, but in other cases, they may be different.

Why are some state capitals not the largest cities in their respective states?
State capitals were often chosen based on historical, geographical, or political reasons. The location of the capital may have been selected to balance power among different regions within a state or for easier accessibility during the early years of the country.

What is the significance of a state's date of statehood?
The date of statehood marks the day when a territory officially became a part of the United States as a state. This date is significant because it highlights the historical context and the process through which the country expanded and grew over time.

How are the top industries in a state determined?
The top industries in a state are typically determined based on factors such as economic output, employment, and historical significance. The data in your table presents one of the top industries for each state, but it's important to remember that there are multiple industries contributing to each state's economy.

Why do states have nicknames, state birds, and state flowers?
State nicknames, state birds, and state flowers are chosen to represent the unique identity and heritage of each state. These symbols often have historical, cultural, or environmental significance and help to showcase the distinct characteristics of each state.

What determines a state capital?
A state capital is determined based on various factors such as historical, geographical, or political considerations. When a state is formed or during its early years, its leaders typically choose a capital that balances power among different regions, offers easier accessibility, or has strategic importance. State capitals may also be chosen due to their economic significance or population size.

Why are state capitals important?
State capitals are important because they serve as the administrative and political centers for each state. They house the state government, including the governor's office, state legislature, and various state agencies. State capitals play a critical role in shaping policies, making decisions, and providing essential services to the state's residents.

Can a state change its capital?
Yes, a state can change its capital, although it is a rare occurrence. Changing a state capital usually requires legislative approval and, in some cases, a public vote. There have been instances in the past where states have changed their capitals due to various reasons, such as population shifts, economic development, or political considerations.

What is the oldest US state capital?
Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the oldest state capital in the United States. Established in 1610, Santa Fe has a rich history and has served as the capital of the region even before New Mexico became a state in 1912.

What is the youngest capital in the United States?
The youngest state capital in the United States is Juneau, Alaska. Juneau became the capital of Alaska in 1906 when the territory was still under U.S. control. Alaska officially became a state in 1959, making Juneau the youngest state capital in the nation.

What is the hardest US capital to remember?
The difficulty of remembering a specific state capital is subjective, and it may vary from person to person. However, some state capitals are less well-known, and people might find them harder to remember, such as Montpelier (Vermont), Bismarck (North Dakota), or Pierre (South Dakota).

Which state has the smallest population?
As of the 2020 U.S. Census, Wyoming has the smallest population in the United States. With approximately 578,000 residents, Wyoming is known for its expansive landscapes, low population density, and abundant natural resources. It is important to note that population figures may change over time due to demographic shifts and population growth.

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