This comprehensive guide to machine tools provides detailed information on various types of machines and their applications in modern manufacturing. From drilling machines to lathes and milling machines, the guide covers a wide range of topics, including the history, features, and use of each tool. In addition, the guide includes resources such as safety precautions and financing guides, making it a valuable resource for those interested in the field of machine tools.

Introduction to a Machine Shop:

Overview of machine shop work and descriptions of basic machine-shop tools.

  • Machine Shop Work: A detailed explanation of machine shop work, including an introduction and descriptions of some different tools and how to use them.
  • Introduction to the Machine Shop: Explains the basic principles of a machine shop and how to choose from the five presented tools based on the type of operation and material.
All About Metals:

Properties of metals and different heat treatments.

Portable Machine Tools:

Safety precautions for using portable machine tools, a company devoted to portable machine tools, and a guide to financing such equipment.

Drilling Machines:

Introduction to drilling and tapping machines, in-depth history of drilling machines, and descriptions of popular drilling machines.

Grinding Machines:

Features and history of the grinding process, four different types of grinding machines, and a directory of prominent grinding machine manufacturers.

Sawing Machines:

Information on how to operate wood-sawing machines and a list of different brands of sawing machines.


History and types of lathes, and a detailed explanation of how they're used.

  • Wood Lathes: Page that explores the history and types of lathes.
  • Lathe: Wikipedia article providing a detailed explanation of the lathe and a brief history of its use, including photographs of different kinds of lathes and descriptions of how they are used.
Milling Machines:

Descriptions of several varieties of milling machines and pages on different aspects of the milling process.

  • Milling Machine Overview: A page that describes several different varieties of milling machines. The website also includes pages on many aspects of the milling process.
  • Milling: An in-depth look at exactly what milling is.
  • Introduction to CNC Machining: A video that explains the basics of CNC machining and milling, including the different types of CNC machines and how they work.
Versa-Mils (Milling, Grinding, Drilling, and Slotting Attachments):

Explanation of different types of milling attachments and their use with machine shop tools.

Weights and Measures:

Comparison of tools used for weights and measurements in the machine shop, and a link to California's website about their enforcement of measurement standards.

  • Weights and Measures: Article that explains and compares many different tools used for weights and measurements in the machine shop.
  • Introduction to Weights and Measures: California government's website with links to information about their enforcement of measurement standards throughout the state.

Calculator with commonly used milling formulas and a table of common milling equations and variable definitions.

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