Machine tools have paved the way for technological advancement in numerous fields. These fundamental tools have enabled great strides forward in industrial efficiency and productivity—the success of industries such as farming, drilling, and building relies heavily on the use of machine tools.

Introduction to a Machine Shop
  • Machine Shop Work: A detailed explanation of machine shop work, including an introduction and descriptions of some different tools and how to use them.
  • Introduction to Machine Tools: Descriptions of several basic machine-shop tools, compiled by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Each section includes graphics and/or videos.
All About Metals
Portable Machine Tools
  • Portable Machine Tools: A document that lists safety precautions to follow when using portable machine tools. The paper explains how to use many specific portable tools safely, and it describes many of these tools in detail.
  • Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc.: A website devoted to the portable machine tools used in many different industries.
  • Equipment Financing: A convenient guide to financing portable machine tools and other equipment.
Drilling Machines
Grinding Machines
  • Types of Grinding Machines: An article that explains three different types of grinding machines, and what each one is capable of doing.
  • Grinding Machines: A directory that lists all grinding machine manufacturers in alphabetical order, including a website if one is available.
  • Grinding Machine: A description of the features and history of the grinding process.
Sawing Machines
  • Wood Lathes: A page that explores the different sizes lathes come in, from the smallest to the largest.
  • Lathe: A Wikipedia article that provides a detailed explanation of the lathe and a brief history of its use. The article includes photographs of several different kinds of lathes, as well as descriptions of how they are used.
Milling Machines
  • Milling Machine Types: A page that describes several different varieties of milling machines. The website also includes pages on many aspects of the milling process.
  • Milling: An in-depth look at exactly what milling is.
Versa-Mils (Milling, Grinding, Drilling, and Slotting Attachments)
Weights and Measures
  • Weights and Measures: Charts explaining and comparing many different weights and measures used in the machine shop.
  • Introduction to Weights and Measures: The California government's training booklet for officials involved in enforcing measurement standards throughout the state.

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