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Safety and security equipment has become increasingly important to the companies of today. This is an increasingly litigious world, and one that now puts a great importance on personal safety and security. For example, there was a time when a metal detector was not only unneeded, but almost unheard of. Now they are commonplace. But it doesn't have to go to that extreme – nowadays, many retail stores have "theft tag" scanners at their entrances. Advanced sprinklers are the norm. And new personal protection, from hazmat suits to special containers, make safety and security equipment everyone's business.

Crest Capital responds to this increased need by providing safety and security equipment financing for businesses of all types. Whether safety and security are your main business or not, we're here with an easy application process, great rates, and a fast approval, and can get you the safety and security equipment financing you need.

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Alarm Equipment Financing
All alarm equipment is designed to alert people (or other equipment, like a monitoring computer) that something critical is going on and needs attention. Since alarm equipment can save thousands of dollars in merchandise (not to mention lives), it's important to get the best you can afford. And Crest Capital's alarm equipment financing program can help.
Closed Circuit TV Financing
Closed circuit TVs (also known as closed circuit camera systems) monitor remote locations and relay /images_catalog to a select number of cameras. Due to the cost of purchasing closed circuit televisions, cameras, and wiring, it's best to get your security equipment though companies like Crest Capital who are familiar with financing closed circuit TVs.
Digital Video Recording Equipment Financing
Financing digital video recording equipment is a great way to extend your recording time of your surveillance equipment, while spreading the cost out so your pocketbook never feels the hit. Crest Capital has a great safety and security equipment leasing program that'll allow you to get the digital video recording equipment financing you need today.
Fire Suppression Equipment Financing
It may be obvious to say, but a fire can destroy a business. Over 40 percent of businesses closed by a fire never reopen and another 29 percent fail within a few years. Don't let the high cost of fire suppression equipment put off your protection. Our fire suppression equipment financing will make sure your business stays around.
Key Card Entry Equipment Financing
Finding a balance between secure building access and mobility in an office is an interesting challenge. Security guards provide security but bottlenecks arise as people wait for authorization. A simple key card swipe keeps the unauthorized out while allowing quick entry to authorized personal. Due to the cost, financing key card entry equipment is a must.
Metal Detector Financing
A metal detector is a piece of safety and security equipment used to screen people (usually at security checkpoints like a company entry or at an airport). Metal detectors can either be a walk though or a hand help model. Due to the cost, looking into financing metal detectors with us is a secure move.
Motion Detector Equipment Financing
Motion detection equipment can track for movement and respond via an alarm, private notification, lights, and/or video surveillance. Motion detectors are a vital part of any security systems but the cost can move into the very expensive. Due to the cost, it's often best to look into financing motion detectors.
Security Camera Financing
Security cameras (also known as CCTV cameras) transmit signals to a select group of people. Their uses include traffic surveillance, monitoring safety areas, and (of course) for security. Due to different models and the desire for several units, the price can quickly rise to the point where financing security cameras are a necessity.
Security Gate Financing
As opposed to a simple chain link fence or a thin (and easily broken) latch, security gates are usually thick, durable, and very hard to bypass. Since they can be quite a bit of money, it's good that you're looking into financing security gates as a way to protect against attacks on your budget.
GPS Tracking System Financing
GPS tracking systems is a global positioning system used to track the locations and speeds of objects on Earth. This formerly military technology is now used for civilian purposes. GPS tracking systems are great additions to any company wanting more efficiency and tracking ability. And financing GPS systems should always be considered to save financial stress.
Intercom System Financing
Having quality intercom Security equipment is an important aspect of fast company communication. In a time where security is paramount, it is a wise choice to be able to verify any visitor when they enter your company's premises. And intercom security equipment financing though Crest Capital is a great way to help ensure the security of your company.
Security Monitoring Equipment Financing
Security monitoring equipment covers a wide range of safety and security equipment, all designed to protect both commercial and residential areas. Security monitoring equipment is designed to provide continuous monitoring and reporting to ensure the area is protected 24/7. Since costs vary from high to very high, it's best to acquire security monitoring equipment financing.

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