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PBX phone systems are tailor-made for businesses, because they eliminate the need for a separate outside line for every person in the company that needs a phone. In addition, many PBX systems are set up with large offices in mind, so phone options such as call transfers, music on hold, and voicemail are often included with the system. PBX financing is a great way to get your office talking, and the phone system leasing experts at Crest Capital want to help you.

For nearly twenty years, we've been financing PBX networks (along with numerous other types of office equipment leasing.) We have a simple, one-page office telephone system leasing application, our interest rates are low, and our approval time is fast - so financing PBX systems is easy! You can even apply for PBX financing online from the comfort of your home of office. Contact Crest Capital today to get started.

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