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Color copiers come with different abilities (in addition to their traditional ability to produce black & white and color copies.) Many color copiers are able to scan, fax, and send copies as e-mail attachments. Whether you want to replace older and slower copying machines or want to invest in a new color copier, financing color copiers makes good business sense. And it helps to use an office equipment leasing company experienced in color copier financing.

Crest Capital has been helping offices by financing color copies (along with offering other types of copier leasing) for almost two decades. We have an expert staff that is well-versed in color copier financing, and can get you the office equipment you need. Our quick and easy application is one simple online form, and we can get you a "yes" to color copier financing faster than it takes you to run down to the local photocopy center. Contact Crest Capital today.

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