Sandblasting Equipment Financing

In the glass and stone industries, sandblasting equipment is a blanket term to describe the varied equipment used in creating a finish, or even art, on glass and stone. Traditional sandblasting equipment can include portable units capable of firing "sand" at high pressure though a nozzle to tiny self enclosed units where you insert the stone or glass to be etched. But regardless of model, sandblasting equipment tends to be expensive. Many companies wisely choose to look into sandblasting equipment financing and enjoy spreading the cost of their new purchase out over time.

For close to twenty years, Crest Capital has been financing sandblasting equipment (as well as providing all manner of stone and glass fabrication equipment leasing). Our streamlined sandblasting equipment financing application is just one page long, and you can apply from your computer. We also have great rates, and can get you an answer faster than the sand drains from an hourglass. Contact Crest Capital today.

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