Drum Crusher Baler/ Barrel Flattener

Drum crushers (which may also be called barrel flatteners or drum crushing balers) are heavy duty baling machines that are specifically made to crush 55 gallon drums. Since these drums are popular for fuel, waste, liquids, and many other items, companies that need to transport empty ones to recycling plants need to make them much smaller. While a larger baling machine might work, this purpose is best served by a machine specifically made for this purpose. That’s where drum crushers come in. But since these machines are so specialized, finding drum crusher financing might prove challenging.

Luckily, Crest Capital has been financing drum crushers for more than a quarter century. We understand the need for these specialized machines, and can arrange for easy drum crushing machine financing in no time flat! We’ve got excellent rates, a quick “one-page” application, and the fastest answer in the industry. Complete our application today, and get the drum crusher leasing or financing you need.

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