X-Ray Equipment Financing

X-ray machines are used in many different ways. The most common use of an x-ray machine is to identify bone structures (including bone breakages or abnormal bone growth) but it finds use in discovering harmful conditions in soft tissue where malignant formations can occur such as a tumor. However, X-ray machines are very costly. And because they are so expensive, smart buyers finance x-ray machines, preferably by using the services of a company with medical imaging equipment leasing experience.

For almost twenty years, Crest Capital has been financing x-ray machines (along with other types of health and medical equipment leasing) for medical organizations like yours. Our easy to understand and quick to fill out one page application will get you an answer (it's almost always a yes) within a few short hours, and get you back to providing care for your patients. Get started on your x-ray machine financing by contacting Crest Capital today!

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