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Animals undergoing dental work need to be anesthetized since they will not lie still when human stick metal in their mouths. Since they can't rinse and spit while their under, working on pets can be wet and messy. Dental tables allows for animal fluid and water to drain off while keeping animals warm and dry. Such a piece of dental equipment, while necessary, is a significant business investment. Dentists not wanting to deal with the financial hit of an upfront payment look into dental table financing. Preferably with a company experienced at leasing dental equipment.

At Crest Capital, we have been financing dental tables (along with providing all manner of health and medical equipment leasing) for close to two decades. Our streamlined application process gets your dental table financing answer fast (usually within a day) and lets you get back to what you do best – providing excellent care for your animal patients. Contact Crest Capital today to get started on dental table leasing.

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